Axcel Bow Sights

Axcel bow sights are manufactured in Madison Heights, Virginia. They proudly boasts a repertoire of archery products used by Olympians and professional hunters alike. Established in 1995, the company has remained an owned and operated in the U.S.A. facility. The Achieve RX/RXL bow sight is designed for use with recurve bows. All knobs on these models are now equipped with new and improved adjustment knobs for extra grip. The old, twin-dowel guide system has been replaced with a new windage dovetail guide system. The RX comes with a non-locking variable tension system while the RXL Axcel bow sight comes equipped with a locking variable tension system. 4.375 inches of elevation adjustment is available on both models. This sight’s bar comes in a variety of colors, most notably black, silver, and carbon.The Achieve CX/CXL bow sight is the compound bow version of the previously mentioned sight. As such, many of the features remain the same with a few exceptions. Elevation adjustment is limited to 2.875 inches with this Axcel bow sight. There is also the option to equip either a 6 inch or 9 inch Matthews Harmonic Dampener. Bar color options remain the same, but bar length can be either 6 inches or 9 inches. Both of these Axcel bow sights have an optional upgrade called the Achieve Carbon. This is a carbon bar upgrade that has improved adjustment knobs for added grip. Machined cut outs offer less wind deflection as well as an eye-catching carbon woven appearance. Enhanced material stiffness offers increased vibration absorption and a high strength-to-weight ratio. The AX Series archery sight comes in three configurations: the 2000 (with a 2-inch elevation adjustment), 3000 (3-inch elevation adjustment), and the 4500 (4.5-inch elevation adjustment). The extension bar can be either 6 inches or 9 inches. The block is removable, making for quick changes. All rods are heavy duty stainless steel. Rapid travel adjustments on this sight have been compared to hydraulic style movement. An auto gib tensioning system is also featured on these models as well as the Matthews Harmonic Dampener.The AccuHunter is the first hunting sight offered by Axcel. Its solid mounting bracket and elevation bar add increased dependability for long term use. Elevation and windage adjustments all have individual lock. There is also an adjustable 20 yard dead stop. All accents on the sight are green. Also included is the AV Hunter Scope, specifically designed for this Axcel bow sight. The new Firepin combined with a proprietary fiber wrapping technique has created one of the brightest fiber optic pins available. It has a 1 ¾ inch housing that accepts all of Axcel’s scope accessories. The AccuHunter Pro offers all of these features with an enhanced scope that also includes a crosshair insert, rheostat cover, and torque ring indicator.The AccuTouch and AccuTouch Pro have one major difference, in that the Pro includes a 6 inch carbon dovetail system. It is a single, sliding pin archery sight that takes advantage of Axcel’s AccuClick yardage adjustment system which is fast, easy, and tool-less. The Matthews Harmonic Dampener is included with both versions of the sight. First, second, and third axis adjustments can also be made incrementally with no fear of running any part off the mount. Elevation adjustments can also be controlled with a tension lever. Windage adjustments can be locked into place. Four scope options are available for this sight: the AccuStat 3, the AccuStat 5, the AccuView, and the AccuView Plus.The Armortech and Armortech Pro are the same, with the exception that the Pro includes the Matthews Harmonic Dampener while the Armortech does not. Axcel uses its Armor Fiber Technology (A.F.T.) on the pins in this sight, which include a 4, 5, or 7 pin setup in .010”, .019”, or .029” thickness. These pins also feature a pivot lock and can be adjusted individually or all at once. The second and third axis can be adjusted. Axcel’s True Center Vision (T.C.V.) scope design is also used with these sights. All sights in this series accept 1 ¾ inch or 43 millimeter lenses. It is also compatible with the high-speed upgrade option. A similar sight within the series, the Vision and Vision Pro, offers all of these features but increases the housing size to 2 inches.The high speed optional upgrade offers thin pins to reduce target obstruction and obtain closer yardage intervals. If you select a .010” or .019” diameter with 5 pins or less, the system touts bow speeds up to 450 feet per second. Six or more pins offer 400 feet per second. As you can see, the superb quality and various options available, raise the bar in the archery world with the top grade Axcel bow sights.

IQ Bow Sight

The IQ Bow sight company is based in Superior, Wisconsin. With a dedicated team, they have built a reputation for increasing archer accuracy and consistency by at least twenty yards, and base part of their guarantee on this claim. IQ’s archery lineup all come with Retina Lock Technology as a standard part of the package, while also offering some different options for various needs.
The IQ Micro bow sight comes in a 3, 5, or 7 pin setup. These fiber optic, stack tight pins are .019 inches in diameter. Windage and elevation are easily adjusted with the bow sight’s micro adjustment knobs. The IQ bow sight has a built-in sight level and is also compatible with the Sight Light which is sold separately. Second axis adjustments are also available with tool-free locking knobs. The overall weight is 7.4 ounces.
The IQ Pro Hunter bow sight has two fixed pins and one move-able pin, all of which are .019 inches in diameter and fully captured. Two sight tapes are also present, offering visibility both from the shooter’s perspective as well as from the side. Micro adjustments can be made for both windage and elevation. A zero stop is also included for the move-able pin. This IQ bow sight is compatible with both the Sight Light and Pro One Lens. It weighs 9.5 ounces without these accessories.
The IQ Pro XT comes in either a 5 pin or 7 pin setup. These fiber optic, stack tight pins are .019 inches in diameter. This archery sight is mounted to a six-inch extension bar. Windage, elevation, and second axis adjustments are all easily made with micro adjustment knobs. A sight level is also built in to this sight. The locking knobs are tool free. The Pro XT is also compatible with the Sight Light, but weighs 10.1 ounces without it.
The IQ Pro One bow sight has a fully captured single, movable pin that also has an adjustable zero stop for added consistency. Two sight tapes are present, visible both from the shooter’s perspective as well as the side. Micro adjustments can be made for both windage and elevation. This sight is compatible with both the Sight Light and the Pro One Lens.
The Ultra Lite comes in both a 3 and 5 pin setup. These stack tight pins are .019 inches in diameter. A built-in sight level makes for accurate and easy adjustments. The fiber polymer construction and silent coat finish make this sight the lightest offered by IQ, at only 5.6 ounces. The Ultra Lite is compatible with the Sight Light.
The IQ Sight Light is not a bow sight, but could be an important accessory for the avid archer on many models of IQ bow sights. It is an adjustable rheostat light that helps reduce pin glare at both dawn and dusk. It only comes in purple and fits sizes: : 1/4-28, 3/8-32, 3/8-36, and 7/16-20. It works on both left and right-handed sights, which is good since all of IQ’s sights are offered in both these options. The IQ Pro One Lens is also not a sight, but another useful accessory. It is a 2x magnification lens that fits on the IQ Pro One and Pro Hunter. It is constructed out of an optical grade polymer that is both abrasion and scratch resistant.
IQ bow sights have helped bow hunters and competition shooters all around the globe. The quality of the archery products they provide and the results you get are well worth their weight in gold when it comes to crunch time.

Sure Loc Bow Sights

Sure-Loc Bow sights are a top notch superb beyond belief product. Sure-Loc is based in Superior, Wisconsin and delivers high quality and dependable products to its customers worldwide. The focus of the company is high end, built to last archery sights. The company offers two categories of sights to fit various consumer needs, a target class Sure-Loc bow sight and a hunting class. Within the target class, Sure-Loc offers eleven options, most of which are similar in price and are all backed by the company’s warranty and overall positive reputation. The first set of Sure-Loc bow sights in the target class is the Sure-Loc ONE bow sight. This includes both Sure-Loc ONE 400 and 550 models. Both offer easy 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment. Elevation and windage adjustments can be made at a .002″ per click rate. The full capture mounting block has a quick disconnect for ease of positioning. Both also have a center pivot cant adjustment and precise laser engraved scale. The dovetail extension is feather light and comes in either a six inch or nine inch length. The guide rod is titanium. Both archery sights are light weight, weather proof and have vibration dampening. The difference between the two options is the frame width, which is offered in 400(4″) or 550(5.5″). The Phoenix QA Sure-Loc bow sight is available with a 4″ frame and 6″ extension. Windage offset on this model is reversible. It features an adjustable cant as well as windage, elevation, and 3rd axis adjustments. Also included are an elevation tensioning system, adjustable pointer, and titanium guide rods.    The ICON X series of Sure-Loc bow sights comes in both a 400 (4″) and 550 (5.5″) frame size with a 6″ or 9″ extension. Beyond that, both offer reliable elevation/windage micro adjustments (.002″ increments) as well as micro adjustments for both the cant and 3rd axis (1/10 of a degree). There is also a quick detach scope mount. Windage offset is reversible and the windage/elevation tension is adjustable. A 2nd axis scope leveling system is also included. The Supreme series comes in both the 400 and 550 style with a 6″ or 9″ extension. The components are weatherproofed and feature an innovative No-Lock design as well as Sure-Loc’s patented tracking system. A cam-assist 3 axis leveling block and patented split-block design for easy scope mounting are also part of this pair. Micro adjustments are in precise .002″ increments. The Challenger series comes with nearly the same specifications at a lower cost. It is a bit heavier and does not offer silver as a color option. The Quest X and Contender X 550 offer nearly the same specs as the Supreme series with one major difference. They are not designed for use with a scope and include an 8mm Beiter pin for sighting. The frames are 5.5″ with 9″ extension. Sure-Loc also offers three classes of archery sights specifically for hunting: the Lethal Weapon Red, the Lethal Weapon Red with Retina Lock  and the Lethal Weapon SLDR. The Lethal Weapon Red comes in a 3 pin and 5 pin configuration. Both offer 5 axis micro adjustability as well as gravity drop adjustments and 3rd axis adjustments. Windage offset is reversible and windage/elevation are adjustable. The pins are also adjustable and are enclosed in stainless steel tubes. The sight also has a built in 8mm level and sight light. The mount is quiver compatible and threaded to accept a 42mm lens. The Retina Lock model also comes with these features, in a 5 and 7 pin configuration. It also includes Sure-Loc’s patented retina lock technology which provides instant feedback about things such as torque or change in anchor point. The SLDR features many of the same specs as the original in a 3 and 5 pin setup. It sets itself apart from the original by offering adjustable slider offset and tension as well as a zero stop that offers repeatability. It also has 2 sight tapes with adjustable pointers.
Point blank, Sure-Loc bow sights are held in a class of some of the best archery products ever made and can provide that consistent accurate shot for generations to come.

Spot Hogg Bow Sights

Spot Hogg Bow Sights have become quite the success story through the years. Spot Hogg entered the archery world as an idea to create a better bow release in 1987. In the two decades since it began as an at home business, it has grown significantly and provides thousands of archers with high quality products that not only increase their success, but also improve the overall shooting experience. As such, all Spot Hogg Bow sights offer many features, no matter what the shooter is looking for. The Grinder was designed with the hunter in mind. It is a solid aluminum frame construction offered in both a 3 and 5 pin setup encased in Spot Hogg’s new MRT pin guard. It is rugged and compact, making it the company’s lightest fixed pin sight. Gang adjustments are optional, but simplistic and durable. The Fast Eddie Spot Hogg bow sight comes in a 1, 2, 3 and 5 sight pin setup in an MRT pin housing. The mount is a solid fixed aluminum construction. Coarse adjustments are available both horizontally and vertically with the 2nd and 3rd axis offering micro adjustments, all of this completely tool-less. A silent, quick release look for yardage knob has also been improved with better grip and more relief from the sight type. Spot Hogg’s HRD (Hardened Rail Design) technology has also eliminated bushings, which causes little to no slop or buzz. The Fast Eddie XL Spot Hogg bow sight is a slightly larger option with all of the same specs except that it also includes a lightweight 6 inch dovetail sight bar with quick release bow mount. The Hogg Father is one of Spot Hogg’s first freestyle sight offerings. The dovetail bar is removable. A quick release knob and removable rack are standard features, which is ideal seeing as a travel case is also included to aid in protecting the sight. It comes in a 1, 2, 3, and 5 pin setup encased in an MRT pin housing. Tool-less coarse adjustments are available both horizontally and vertically with the 2nd and 3rd axis offering micro adjustments. Micro windage and elevation adjustments are also tool-less. The pointer is adjustable. All knobs, as well as the sight scale are precision engraved and easy to see. The yardage knob is also large and easy to use. A universal scope rod comes with this sight. The sight scale is compatible with many archery programs. The Tommy Hogg comes in a 1, 2, 3, and 5 pin setup in either a small or large MRT guard. The construction of the sight is a rugged aluminum body. As with previous Spot Hogg bow sights, horizontal and vertical adjustments are coarse, but 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments are micro. Windage and elevation adjustments are also tool-less. The yardage knob is large and easy to use. Precision, laser engraved sight scale and knob marks make adjustments easy to see. Spot Hogg’s HRD technology is also used in this sight. The sight scale is compatible with archery programs. The Hogg It is new for the 2017 season. It is the company’s most complete, micro-adjustable fixed pin sight. Hogg It comes in a 3 and 5 pin setup in an MRT pin guard. The quick release Hogg Knob offers simple and fast removal. A no clamp, micro gang adjustment also offers the shooter easily made changes. 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments are micro. All of this is mounted to a 6.5 inch dovetail mount. The Hunter is another sight that Spot Hogg offers. It is effectively the same as Hogg It, but offers a rigid plate mount instead of the dovetail mount offered by Hogg It. The Spark is an industry first, offering a lit reticle with rheostat intensity. It comes in two models, The Hunter and The Pro. Both include a selection of 0x, 2x, 4x, and 6x lens that has an anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating. The lit reticle is etched into the lens while also offering an adjustable rheostat brightness. Rheostat color options are red, white, blue, and green. The Pro also includes multiple alignment rings for added precision as well as a raised level to account for the alignment rings. It comes with the Hogg Mob mount, while The Hunter only includes a universal mount. Rounding out the list of Spot Hogg’s bow sights is the Double Pin. It has a single vertical Bulletproof pin with dual aiming points available in .010, .019, and .029 thicknesses. There are two alignment ring options, a single ring, and triple ring option. This archery sight includes a precision level and is lens ready. The Double Pin is primarily used in conjunction with one of the adjustable sights previously mentioned, as it will fit any of them once mounted on a threaded rod.

Copper John Bow Sights

Copper John bow sights were first manufactured in 1999 and the variety has expanded and developed to be among one of the most respected in the archery industry. This company has forged a reputation for itself with accurate sights and strong machined parts to assure that Copper John bow sights are incredibly durable. Copper John has provided numerous unique features which have been adopted by other compound bow sight manufacturers. They developed the concept of utilizing an aiming ring that contrasts together with the pin guard for increased clarity. Copper John bow sights are also recognized for the quality of the materials they use to manufacture their sight components. Copper John Rut Wrecker Sight 3 Pin .019 RH/LH Black was created utilizing the same superior composite design methods used on the Saxon sight. With more precise .019-in. pins and more than 60 % more fiber, more clamping surface, as well as the addition of an accurate level. It features EGT (Easy Glide Technology)-force spreading pin and washer design which assures pin adjustments will always be smooth and it is Right or left hand convertible. The Copper John Grave Dancer bow sight provides the archer a substantial adjustment range within a tough, affordable archery sight. You have the selection of either a 3 or 5-pin sight as well as the fiber optics can be found in either .019 or .029 sizes. The Copper John Dead Nuts Mark II bow sight is a single pin adjustable sight that’s been constructed utilizing the award winning Dead Nuts style and design.This sight is notably durable but it also provides the clear field of vision that many hunters love. The Copper John Dead Nuts Mark IV bow sight utilizes the original award-winning Dead Nuts design but has included a bearing system which provides years of dependable use. This sight uses steel springs which are positioned underneath the bearing surface that makes certain that each component is engaged securely. The Copper John Dead Nuts Mark III bow sight was launched as the leading sight in the Copper John lineup. This bow sight is an incredibly resilient piece of equipment that is also incredibly accurate. The Copper John Widowmaker bow sight is an aluminum bow sight that employs a direct mounting system around a 5-pin sight. The metal pins consist of Iron Clad fiber optic wrap technology. The Copper John Saxon bow sight series has been developed to supply the archer with a sight that is manufactured from an alternate material to the usual. The Saxon has been composed of composite material which will provide the sight with an extensive life expectancy. An essential factor which helps Copper John rise above some of its competition is the simplicity of use that the sights allow. All archery sights are intended to increase the accuracy of the shooter, however, the process of tuning and aligning the sights that can make a huge difference. The adjusting methods on Copper John bow sights have been formulated to make personalizing the sight settings extremely simple. Iron Clad Fiber Optics is what distinguishes Copper John bow sights as they are recognized by the much higher standards they hold for themselves than that of other companies in the market. While the fibers of most compound bow sights will break under minimal stress, the Iron Clad Fibers will endure an unbelievable amount of pressure. Shocktek Technology is another notable perk from Copper John. Shocktek™ is a bright orange decal coated with vibration absorbing polyurethane material that not only looks great, but dampens vibration from even the fastest bows. Shocktek™ is standard on all Copper John Sights bow sights. Another feature from the company is MicroAdjust. The Micro Adjust feature consists of a metal drive screw which adjusts the windage and elevation block in tiny, micro movements. This makes it possible to fine tune this archery sight extremely easily and can easily be added to any of the Copper John bow sights. In Short, if you want a compound bow sight that will withstand the test of time, invest in a Copper John.

Cobra Bow Sights

Cobra Bow Sights are improving their accuracy and functionality more these days than ever before. As archery is becoming more popular, the industries have found many ways of improving their products. What you may not have realized, however, is just how many people are actually making the sport into more than a hobby and want more precise sights. The Cobra archery company has been creating quality compound bow sights since 1974 and continues to improve the accuracy and durability of their products. Every model available was carefully thought out and perfected over time, to see that their ideas not only provided accuracy but also smart and simple functionality. For that reason, Cobra Bow Sights are a highly preferred choice among archers. Quick Strike is the first sight model up on the list and has been a favorite among Cobra fans. It was designed specifically to make fast and extremely accurate adjustments for when time is not an option, such as in the field. Equipped with a DOA Dial, made exclusively for this model, this feature helps you adjust target distance quick and accurately. This bow sight is built using a hooded sight housing in a 6061-T6 aluminum assembly as that makes it lighter to move. Next time that deer you’ve been chasing decides to spook, you’ll be able to make a quick adjustment if you’re given a second chance! The Cobra Smoke bow sight 5 pin accommodates more for shooting longer distances, which is the main reason the guard housing is 2.2″ in diameter. When you’re hunting in long distance areas, such as an open field that is free of obstruction other than the distance itself, you need accuracy and logistics which this is one of the best Cobra bow sights for that long range shot. It comes with all the principal features you would expect for a long range sight in a lightweight design. If you are a long distance shooter, you will certainly benefit from this compound bow sight. If you thought the Smoke model was appealing, you’ll find the Cobra Smoke G2 useful as well. This archery sight adds a broad spectrum of vertical adjustment capabilities, thanks to the reversible mounting brackets and offset mounting holes. Given the bright fiber optics and optional rheostat light, you will be able to quickly attain sight back to your target. Need a Cobra bow sight that is versatile and functional? Then the Smoke G2 may be what you’re looking for. The Cobra Venom G3 is made great for beginners or competent archers due to its fiber optics sizes and pin count options. As comes standard with other Cobra bow sight models, the elevation and wind notches make it easier to accurately scope out your target. For the times when you wished you had one, an optional rheostat light is available to help you bag that monster buck of a lifetime. All the available customizations really make the transition from being a novice to experienced archer easier and more affordable so that you don’t have to go out and buy an entirely new expensive sight. These accurate compound bow sights have been in the industry for more than 40 years and have been able to provide excellent sights as archery has evolved. With Cobra bow sights, you get precision without slamming your wallet.

PSE Bow Sights

PSE first opened its doors in 1970 in Mahomet, Illinois. Its founder, Pete Shepley sought to turn his passion for archery into a profession that he loved. His initial efforts focused on accessories, such as release aids, arrow vanes, and much more, including a line of quality PSE bow sights. For an economical option the PSE Gemini features three fiber optic pin sights,an injection molded pin guard, an angled pin track for pin alignment and a phosphorescence ring, offering both beginners as well as avid outdoorsmen the minimum needed at an affordable price. The PSE Amp 2G bow sight offers a bit more for the hunter at only a slight price increase. This PSE bow sight comes with five sight pins encased in a two inch housing for an increased field of view. It also comes with a bubble level and True Blue sight light for precision shooting. The plate mount is extendable up to four inches and can be mounted for both right and left handed shooters. The PSE Amp offers all of the features of the Amp 2G, but adds a Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity camo option as well. It also substitutes the True Blue sight light for the Blue Flame sight light. The PSE Amp Micro offers many options offered by the Amp 2G as well, but there are a few noticeable changes on the archery sight. It comes in satin black. Windage and elevation are micro adjustable. The plate mount is extendable from four inches to four and three/quarter inches. Moving on to the upper end of the price range, PSE starts with the PSE X-Force Hunter sight. This sight has a Black Maxx soft feel finish. The five lightening fire fiber optic tube pins are encased by a one inch, light weight, wire frame housing. The adjustable rheostat sight light and bubble level are also included with this option. The mount is extendable from two inches to three inches and can also be mounted for shooters who are either right or left handed. Finish options include black or PSE Skullworks 2 camo. The PSE X-Force sight has one full capture pin enclosed in a one and three/quarter inch housing for an enlarged field of view. All parts on this PSE bow sight are CNC machined to exact tolerances. This sight also includes the adjustable rheostat sight light and bubble level. The plate is extendable from four and a half inches to five and a half inches and is ambidextrous. This sight also sets itself apart by accepting optional lens kits for 2X, 3X, 4X, or 6X magnification. On the topmost end of PSE bow sights, the company offers the PSE X-Force Drive Max. This sight also comes with the soft coat finish. Four pins are enclosed in a one inch, light weight, wire frame housing. All parts are CNC machined to exact tolerances. A silent bushing system eliminates rattle. Second and third axis adjustments make for impressive long range accuracy. Windage adjustments can be made tool-less and the X-Force speed dial allows for quick distance adjustments. The site also includes a yardage indicator pin and elevation lock to aid in repeatable accuracy. As with the others on PSE’s upper end, the Purple Haze rheostat and bubble level are also included. This archery sight is also ambidextrous and is compatible with the optional lens kits as well as the Archer’s Advantage software. As you can see, PSE offers a sight that fits most shooters’ needs and financial situation.

HHA Bow Sights

The HHA bow sight company has 3 decades of expertise in the business, they have dominated single-pin technology for many years and are considered to be one of the very best single pin compound bow sights on the market today. For 11 consecutive years they’ve maintained the Readers’ Choice Award which speaks volumes. Their archery sights are proudly made in the United States and HHA stands firmly by their products offering a 100% lifetime warranty along with a bold guarantee that they’ll repair or replace any one of their defective products within 48 hours. The two main versions of the sights are the Optimizer Lite and Optimizer Lite Ultra series. The primary difference would be that the Ultra version utilizes a dial and gears to adjust the pin while the standard version relies on a simpler lever arm. Also, the Ultra lineup offers an integrated Harmonic Damper (Mathews) to alleviate any vibration. The caliber of these bow sights are unparalleled in the industry. HHA bow sights are incredibly efficient at accurately helping archers to aim between 20 and 60 yards which enhances the positive results of any archer as the increments between the 20 and 60 yard range are automatically dialed in. For any beginner hunter these are the best bow sights you’ll benefit from working with, accredited to their simple versatility and is top ranked because of that reason. With just one pin it has the ability to outperform the best 7 pin bow sight. It contains all the basic features you would want out of a single-pin archery sight including micro windage and elevation knobs, an easily adjustable yardage dial, manufactured from top notch aluminum and five feet of fiber optics. They come with various highly accurate tapes which can be applied and after you’ve dialed it in at 20 yards and 60 yards you’ll be able to extend out to 80 yards. All HHA sights include everything required to set the sights up on almost any bow. The mounting bracket provides a combination of holes to mount the housing with which ensures the right height for each individual’s bow configuration. The housing brackets are durable and locked in place with two screws which allows no room for play. Each main mounting bracket has a set of two standard holes to mount the sight on the bow, allowing the archer to position the sight closer or further away from the bow. The HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite Sight is ideal for those that are wanting to take longer range shots with superior accuracy. To make precision better yet, you are going to truly appreciate the bow sight’s frontal magnification lens, this makes viewing so much clearer. The HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite is constructed from A.R.M.O.R technology. This means that the whole construction on this scope is manufactured from indestructible aluminum. Make no mistake, the durability of this scope didn’t compromise its weight as it remains extremely lightweight. HHA Optimizer sights are widely accessible from most retailers and range in price from $80 to $240 based on the model and features. So if you are wanting to acquire a top notch product from a company that has long exceeded most compound bow sights in the archery industry, invest in an HHA bow sight.

Truglo Bow Sights

Truglo bow sights have long been a heavy competitor when it comes to making highly visible archery sights in low light conditions. Truglo focuses to enhance the overall ambient lighting during poor visibility due to lack of light, to ensure that aiming and preparing for the perfect shot isn’t affected, in spite of the light intensity. Fiber optics are cables which transmit light. When utilized as pins in bow sights, the cables harness ambient light and discharge it from the opening in the end. In return, this allows the small tips of fiber optic pins glow very bright, which makes them much easier to see in dim conditions. Fiber-optic sights have grown to be extremely popular by hunters who understand that extra visibility is critical when it comes to early morning or late evening, as this is when game is most likely to be active. Truglo claims that their bow sights are the brightest fiberoptic sights available today.Their sight pins are extremely bright and excel at daybreak, dusk as well as in any other low light conditions. Truglo has always had the reputation for providing highly visible archery sights and that has always been their top marketing tool, with that being said, they also are built to last as well as provide a variety of different models which gives the archer several options. The TRUGLO Carbon XS 4 Pin Camo bow sight incorporates a small push-button light with Truglo’s extra long fully-protected fibers. Its large sight housing increases visibility as well as the ability to establish correct alignment, due to the level that is positioned at the bottom of the sight housing. Some sights also integrate LED lights to further improve the fiber-optics. The TRUGLO Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro Green Dot sight is a viable choice among the finest compound bow sights because of it’s simplicity as well as long range accuracy. It provides an excellent alternative to a single pin bow sight featuring its slider sight, micro knob windage, elevation adjustment as well as 11 brightness settings. TruGlo’s Carbon Hybrid Micro 5 Light 19 XTR bow sight raises the bar when it comes to lightweight multi-pin sights. This sight is lightweight and manufactured from carbon composite and aluminum which creates less vibration. The ambidextrous design is ideal for either left or right handed archers. The reversible bracket provides a greater vertical adjustment range. A distinctive metal pin for durability, long fibers for optimum brightness and an extra-long bracket which improves sight radius all make this a superior compound bow sight. The combination of carbon composites and aluminum deliver exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and unequalled strength. One of the top sights among treesatand hunters is the TRUGLO Pendulum. Unbelievably quiet it is one of the most advanced archery sights on the market as it automatically compensates up to 35 yards from an elevated position, it can lso be locked in place when shooting from the ground. Truglo bow sights are a great addition to any bow. These sights are high quality and provide multiple models that suit everyone’s budget. So if you are in the market for a new sight, checkout out what Truglo has to offer!

Trophy Ridge Bow Sights

Trophy Ridge bow sights are recognized for their quality as well as their broad selection of models in order to suit everyone’s budget and needs. Constructed from tough copolymer material, their archery sights deliver the versatility and durability you’d expect from aluminum. Some great models that Trophy Ridge offers are the Alpha, Cypher, Volt , Peak, Clutch, Hit Man, Outlaw, Joker, Fire Wire, Matrix and the React. Trophy Ridge bow sights incorporate a tough scope casing with highly visibile fiber optic pins encompassed by an abundance of additional features which will guarantee the archer receives the best view of their target.. This is achieved with the help of a Rheostat Sight Light provided on some of their models which can be used in collaboration with a Glo ring that edges the sight casing allowing you to view your target in low light conditions. If you are like me, then you prefer single pin bow sights over multiple pin sights. You want your archery sight to be user friendly, and that’s what you’ll get with the Trophy Ridge Pursuit. Its housing measures 1.75 inches and includes a couple of long screws for convenient and simple mounting. The Pursuit is light but nonetheless durable, which provide two critical factors to help keep your bow in-sync. Whenever you are shooting, balance is king as the Pursuit doesn’t require that you make any kind of compensation for added weight. If you are familiar with Trophy Ridge bow sights, then you have probably heard of the React. The Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow sight is a great multiple pin sight. With this model, two of the five adjustable pins does the majority of the work for you. Simply set the two pins at 20 and 40 yards and the rest falls directly into place.The React has long had a reputation of increasing the accuracy of the shooter, it even provides the confidence to sink a bullseye at 60 yards. The Trophy Ridge Matrix bow sight is a fixed pin bow sight which can be found in both a three or five-pin model. The distinctive characteristic that sets this sight aside from other models is the Vertical Inline Pin Technology that provides the archer with a greater field of view. The Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 is a 5 pin sight that includes a couple of additional aiming options over the Punisher 3. It ‘s an affordable archery sight which is designed to provide the accuracy and brightness of a much more pricey model. Some individuals are more comfortable shooting with horizontal pins on their bow sights while some prefer more room within the scope that comes with vertical pins. Trophy Ridge bow sights include both vertical and horizontal pin sights as they also provide a variety of single pin all the way up to 8 pin sights for greater versatility. The React One Sight contains a very bright fiber optic pin which provides the ability for fast targeting at 20 yards, there is a yardage sticker available for this sight which varies from 20 to 100 yards. The Trophy Ridge Driver Slider Sight 1-Pin features an ultra-bright fiber optic pin of .029, however, it doesn’t have the sight light. Adjusting this bow sight is straightforward thanks to its adjustable indicator.The Trophy Ridge Sharp Shooter is a great and inexpensive option for beginner archers. It offers the dependability and features that is available with more expensive models but keeps the cost to a minimum. A great characteristic with this compound bow sight is the reversible mounting bracket. This allows the bow sight to be be used by right or left handed people since it is interchangeable. The pin guard is already drilled and tapped so it is ready straight out of the box without any additional work. Maybe you are looking to replace your old bow sight with a newer model or are just getting involved with archery, either way, Trophy Ridge bow sights are a great choice!