HHA Bow Sights

The HHA bow sight company has 3 decades of expertise in the business, they have dominated single-pin technology for many years and are considered to be one of the very best single pin compound bow sights on the market today. For 11 consecutive years they’ve maintained the Readers’ Choice Award which speaks volumes. Their archery sights are proudly made in the United States and HHA stands firmly by their products offering a 100% lifetime warranty along with a bold guarantee that they’ll repair or replace any one of their defective products within 48 hours. The two main versions of the sights are the Optimizer Lite and Optimizer Lite Ultra series. The primary difference would be that the Ultra version utilizes a dial and gears to adjust the pin while the standard version relies on a simpler lever arm. Also, the Ultra lineup offers an integrated Harmonic Damper (Mathews) to alleviate any vibration. The caliber of these bow sights are unparalleled in the industry. HHA bow sights are incredibly efficient at accurately helping archers to aim between 20 and 60 yards which enhances the positive results of any archer as the increments between the 20 and 60 yard range are automatically dialed in. For any beginner hunter these are the best bow sights you’ll benefit from working with, accredited to their simple versatility and is top ranked because of that reason. With just one pin it has the ability to outperform the best 7 pin bow sight. It contains all the basic features you would want out of a single-pin archery sight including micro windage and elevation knobs, an easily adjustable yardage dial, manufactured from top notch aluminum and five feet of fiber optics. They come with various highly accurate tapes which can be applied and after you’ve dialed it in at 20 yards and 60 yards you’ll be able to extend out to 80 yards. All HHA sights include everything required to set the sights up on almost any bow. The mounting bracket provides a combination of holes to mount the housing with which ensures the right height for each individual’s bow configuration. The housing brackets are durable and locked in place with two screws which allows no room for play. Each main mounting bracket has a set of two standard holes to mount the sight on the bow, allowing the archer to position the sight closer or further away from the bow. The HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite Sight is ideal for those that are wanting to take longer range shots with superior accuracy. To make precision better yet, you are going to truly appreciate the bow sight’s frontal magnification lens, this makes viewing so much clearer. The HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite is constructed from A.R.M.O.R technology. This means that the whole construction on this scope is manufactured from indestructible aluminum. Make no mistake, the durability of this scope didn’t compromise its weight as it remains extremely lightweight. HHA Optimizer sights are widely accessible from most retailers and range in price from $80 to $240 based on the model and features. So if you are wanting to acquire a top notch product from a company that has long exceeded most compound bow sights in the archery industry, invest in an HHA bow sight.