Copper John Bow Sights

Copper John bow sights were first manufactured in 1999 and the variety has expanded and developed to be among one of the most respected in the archery industry. This company has forged a reputation for itself with accurate sights and strong machined parts to assure that Copper John bow sights are incredibly durable. Copper John has provided numerous unique features which have been adopted by other compound bow sight manufacturers. They developed the concept of utilizing an aiming ring that contrasts together with the pin guard for increased clarity. Copper John bow sights are also recognized for the quality of the materials they use to manufacture their sight components. Copper John Rut Wrecker Sight 3 Pin .019 RH/LH Black was created utilizing the same superior composite design methods used on the Saxon sight. With more precise .019-in. pins and more than 60 % more fiber, more clamping surface, as well as the addition of an accurate level. It features EGT (Easy Glide Technology)-force spreading pin and washer design which assures pin adjustments will always be smooth and it is Right or left hand convertible. The Copper John Grave Dancer bow sight provides the archer a substantial adjustment range within a tough, affordable archery sight. You have the selection of either a 3 or 5-pin sight as well as the fiber optics can be found in either .019 or .029 sizes. The Copper John Dead Nuts Mark II bow sight is a single pin adjustable sight that’s been constructed utilizing the award winning Dead Nuts style and design.This sight is notably durable but it also provides the clear field of vision that many hunters love. The Copper John Dead Nuts Mark IV bow sight utilizes the original award-winning Dead Nuts design but has included a bearing system which provides years of dependable use. This sight uses steel springs which are positioned underneath the bearing surface that makes certain that each component is engaged securely. The Copper John Dead Nuts Mark III bow sight was launched as the leading sight in the Copper John lineup. This bow sight is an incredibly resilient piece of equipment that is also incredibly accurate. The Copper John Widowmaker bow sight is an aluminum bow sight that employs a direct mounting system around a 5-pin sight. The metal pins consist of Iron Clad fiber optic wrap technology. The Copper John Saxon bow sight series has been developed to supply the archer with a sight that is manufactured from an alternate material to the usual. The Saxon has been composed of composite material which will provide the sight with an extensive life expectancy. An essential factor which helps Copper John rise above some of its competition is the simplicity of use that the sights allow. All archery sights are intended to increase the accuracy of the shooter, however, the process of tuning and aligning the sights that can make a huge difference. The adjusting methods on Copper John bow sights have been formulated to make personalizing the sight settings extremely simple. Iron Clad Fiber Optics is what distinguishes Copper John bow sights as they are recognized by the much higher standards they hold for themselves than that of other companies in the market. While the fibers of most compound bow sights will break under minimal stress, the Iron Clad Fibers will endure an unbelievable amount of pressure. Shocktek Technology is another notable perk from Copper John. Shocktek™ is a bright orange decal coated with vibration absorbing polyurethane material that not only looks great, but dampens vibration from even the fastest bows. Shocktek™ is standard on all Copper John Sights bow sights. Another feature from the company is MicroAdjust. The Micro Adjust feature consists of a metal drive screw which adjusts the windage and elevation block in tiny, micro movements. This makes it possible to fine tune this archery sight extremely easily and can easily be added to any of the Copper John bow sights. In Short, if you want a compound bow sight that will withstand the test of time, invest in a Copper John.