Compound Bow Red Dot Scope

Red Dot Scopes Revolutionize Bow Hunting
It’s bow season again friends! Another opportunity to go out and get Mr. Big Buck. I don’t need to tell you this, but you may only get one shot at him this Saturday, or you may get one shot at him this whole year! With odds like that, you want to give it all you’ve got: practice extensively before you get out there and of course, use the best equipment you can afford.

For years the best manufacturers had to offer us was a simple mechanical sight. Now we have the compound bow red dot scope – the latest iteration of the scope for the modern compound bowhunter who wants maximum accuracy.

What is the red dot scope and how does it work?

Simply put, this scope is a sighting system that will visually project a red dot to help you aim right you point. You as the hunter have a role in this too, however – you still have to get the scope sighted in and you must still aim, putting the red dot exactly in the kill zone. It is just that simple and that powerful a concept.

How do you mount it and where on the bow do you mount it?

Red dot scopes attach to the riser like most all other sights. Modern bow manufacturers have prefabricated two holes for you to attach the sight too. If you have a quiver on your bow it is currently mounted using those same two holes so; you will have to first take your quiver off to mount the red dot sight. Then, just reattach your quiver to sight once it is mounted.

The red dot scope can be a challenge to mount, and it is recommended that you let your local archery shop do the mounting and setup for you. You do not want to leave sighting to chance. It is best to get the final calibration for distance accuracy done before you arrive at the hunting site. The sighting is, of course, particular to each bow and the range you expect to shoot.

What is the hardware needed to mount it?

To install this scope, all you need is a set of Allen wrenches are required.

How is the scope powered?

The scope is LED battery-powered and will most likely run for tens of thousands of hours before it has to be replaced.

What are the benefits of a compound bow red dot scope?

Probably the main benefit of the scope is that it improves your overall shooting. Why? Because it adjusts your form to align the red dot where it needs to go.

Does it improve your accuracy?

Yes! It increases accuracy a lot over traditional scopes. That is because with traditional scopes you look with one eye as you sight at your target. With the red dot system, you keep both eyes open. This improves your depth perception and hence your ability to judge distance and shoot accurately.

Red dot sights are made by many manufacturers, but some of the major makers and models are the Pollington Red Dot, the Truglo Red Dot, Red Dot Archery Scopes, and the Oneida Bow Pro-sight Scope.

In Conclusion

Compound bow sights come in a variety of materials and styles. The red dot sight combines the simplicity of simpler standard sights with the accuracy of modern optics.

The red dot scope is to run-of-the-mill compound bow sights what the smartphone is to a flip phone. If you are serious about improving your accuracy and making the most out of your time in the woods, you need to seriously consider a compound bow red dot scope.