Cobra Bow Sights

Cobra Bow Sights are improving their accuracy and functionality more these days than ever before. As archery is becoming more popular, the industries have found many ways of improving their products. What you may not have realized, however, is just how many people are actually making the sport into more than a hobby and want more precise sights. The Cobra archery company has been creating quality compound bow sights since 1974 and continues to improve the accuracy and durability of their products. Every model available was carefully thought out and perfected over time, to see that their ideas not only provided accuracy but also smart and simple functionality. For that reason, Cobra Bow Sights are a highly preferred choice among archers. Quick Strike is the first sight model up on the list and has been a favorite among Cobra fans. It was designed specifically to make fast and extremely accurate adjustments for when time is not an option, such as in the field. Equipped with a DOA Dial, made exclusively for this model, this feature helps you adjust target distance quick and accurately. This bow sight is built using a hooded sight housing in a 6061-T6 aluminum assembly as that makes it lighter to move. Next time that deer you’ve been chasing decides to spook, you’ll be able to make a quick adjustment if you’re given a second chance! The Cobra Smoke bow sight 5 pin accommodates more for shooting longer distances, which is the main reason the guard housing is 2.2″ in diameter. When you’re hunting in long distance areas, such as an open field that is free of obstruction other than the distance itself, you need accuracy and logistics which this is one of the best Cobra bow sights for that long range shot. It comes with all the principal features you would expect for a long range sight in a lightweight design. If you are a long distance shooter, you will certainly benefit from this compound bow sight. If you thought the Smoke model was appealing, you’ll find the Cobra Smoke G2 useful as well. This archery sight adds a broad spectrum of vertical adjustment capabilities, thanks to the reversible mounting brackets and offset mounting holes. Given the bright fiber optics and optional rheostat light, you will be able to quickly attain sight back to your target. Need a Cobra bow sight that is versatile and functional? Then the Smoke G2 may be what you’re looking for. The Cobra Venom G3 is made great for beginners or competent archers due to its fiber optics sizes and pin count options. As comes standard with other Cobra bow sight models, the elevation and wind notches make it easier to accurately scope out your target. For the times when you wished you had one, an optional rheostat light is available to help you bag that monster buck of a lifetime. All the available customizations really make the transition from being a novice to experienced archer easier and more affordable so that you don’t have to go out and buy an entirely new expensive sight. These accurate compound bow sights have been in the industry for more than 40 years and have been able to provide excellent sights as archery has evolved. With Cobra bow sights, you get precision without slamming your wallet.