Black Gold Bow Sights

Black Gold bow sights are headquartered in Belgrade, Montana. Established in 1988, it has grown to be known as one of the premier archery sight makers in the industry. This reputation stemmed from what they call an “iron clad” guarantee for the original owner which has gained the company a loyal fan base that has been built around quality and exceptional customer service. The Ascent Verdict comes in a 1, 3 or 5 pin arrangement in either a 1 ¾” or 2” housing. It has a matte black finish. It features precision first, second and third axis adjustability, all of which can be made smoothly and quietly. Base mount options include a four inch dovetail base or the newly patented X-Frame which offers added durability and reduced weight. The Level Head sight ring makes adjustments easier and more secure while also being able to fit into the top of the sight ring. An indexable indicator needle makes for easy re-sighting should the shooter’s set up change. A splined vertical drive gear increases durability while also providing a more solid and quiet feel. These Black Gold bow sights also feature a high performance PhotoChromatic shell, guaranteed to change colors faster. The angled sight tape can be seen from either the side or back. 54 sight tapes are included, giving the shooter a high level of customization options. It also works well with one-piece quivers and is adaptable with 2X and 4X lens additions. The Revenge family of Black Gold sights comes in both a 5 and 7 pin arrangement with a 1 ¾” and 2” housing respectively. Mount options include a six inch dovetail or the lighter X-Frame option. Finish options are limited to matte black. New click micro adjustments are available for both the second and third axis while the third axis also locks in to prevent movement. The pins also offer micro adjustments through the Inch Wheel system that also includes floating pin bushings for smooth fine tuning. The Level Head sight ring is also included. Adaptability for 2X and 4X lenses is also standard. PhotoChromatic shell technology is also standard on this archery sight, as well as in interchangeable fluorescent guard ring. The Backdraft series of Black Gold sights is very similar to the Revenge with a few exceptions. It only comes with a 1 ¾” housing. It also features gang horizontal and vertical calibrated adjustments. Overall, it also weighs over two ounces less than the Revenge. Other features remain the same. The Ascent Target is designed to accept all 10/32 scope housings. It is lightweight, at only 7.7 ounces, and features a six inch dovetail bar with a positive locating design. Full first, second, and third axis adjustability is available. The third axis also locks down to prevent movement while tightening screws. A splined vertical drive gear increases durability while offering a more solid feel. The yardage scale is rear facing and includes 54 sight tapes. A nylon setscrew in the locking knob offers security while also preventing marring on the dovetail bar. A quick detach knob is also included. The sight offers a large 2.25” travel distance that is easily and precisely navigated using the SpeedDial system. The Widow Maker comes in a 4 or 5 pin arrangement encased in a 2” housing. It is mounted using the lightweight X-Frame base. The standard sight ring guard is a 2” BigDog available in the shooter’s choice of seven different colors. The SkyCoil light gathering system in enclosed in a high performance PhotoChromatic shell. A Level Head sight ring offers easy and secure adjustments. The sight is also adaptable to fit the 2” lens kit. The Rush offers many of the same features as the Widow Maker with a few differences. First, it comes in a 3, 4, 5, and 7 pin. The BigDog sight ring is optional with this sight. It also is adaptable with the 1 ¾” as well as the 2” lens kit. The Rush is also the only sight that comes in a finish that is not matte black, anodized camo. Simply put, Black Gold offers some of the best compound bow sights available today for the active archery enthusiast.