Compound Bow Sights

Compound bow sights are what make the difference between executing that perfect shot when a once in a lifetime chance presents itself beneath your tree stand or that competition trophy is one shot away from going home with you. Sure, its important for all your equipment to not fail you in a moment such as that, however, it is the archery sight which makes it all come together in the end. Believe me, I’ve had my share of disheartening moments in the field because my equipment failed all because I wanted to save a buck and ironically, I did save a buck as I watched him run away, never to be seen again. So with all the choices on the market today in the modern compound bow world, how are we to know which is the best choice to make when it comes to spending our hard earned money on a compound bow sight? Are you going to be bow hunting big game? Small game? Competition shooting? Shooting from an elevated position? Bow fishing? No matter what you are shooting at, most all sights will serve the same purpose, however, these are all things to take into consideration when searching for what is the most critical component to make that perfect shot. As with anything, reliability is king. If your equipment fails in the field during crunch time, it can leave a lasting impact with you for a long time. Say you have that trophy of a lifetime in front of you during low light conditions, the last thing you want to discover is that the pin or pins on your archery sight will not illuminate enough for that once in a lifetime shot. Or maybe, you walked through some thick brush only to find out your flimsy yardage pins got bent or were completely broke off by the time you made it to your stand. And what if your whole vertical or horizontal adjustments shifted? Unfortunately, a mishap like that would most likely not be discovered until after the shot was taken. Even with all the not so reliable compound bow sights on the market, there are many that are very reliable as well. I personally have never participated in any competition shoots but have been an avid and very serious bow hunter for over 24 years. I have mainly bow hunted whitetail deer and have several kills under my belt. There is just something that makes a bow kill more rewarding to me and I also have personally never found anything more therapeutic than firing a few arrows off at a target in the back yard either. It somehow sets my mind, body and soul free and lets me go into my own little world, even if its only for a little while and some may even call it an addiction. With that being said, I have had the opportunity to trial and error several different compound bow sights over the years and the purpose of this site is to share with you some of the best on the market today. Trophy Ridge, Truglo, HHA, PSE, Cobra, Copper John, Spot Hogg and Sure-Loc are just to name a few. These companies are well known in the archery world for making very reliable bow sights and are considered to be some of the best on the market today. Accuracy, durability, visibility and easily adjustable (user friendly) all make up the perfect recipe for the ultimate compound bow sight and each one of these manufacturers listed above surpasses the demand for these key qualities. Look on the recent posts on this site as I have done some research on each of these companies and some of the bow sights they offer in order to help give you a little better idea of which one might fit your needs and budget for that next perfect shot.