Truglo Bow Sights

Truglo bow sights have long been a heavy competitor when it comes to making highly visible archery sights in low light conditions. Truglo focuses to enhance the overall ambient lighting during poor visibility due to lack of light, to ensure that aiming and preparing for the perfect shot isn’t affected, in spite of the light intensity. Fiber optics are cables which transmit light. When utilized as pins in bow sights, the cables harness ambient light and discharge it from the opening in the end. In return, this allows the small tips of fiber optic pins glow very bright, which makes them much easier to see in dim conditions. Fiber-optic sights have grown to be extremely popular by hunters who understand that extra visibility is critical when it comes to early morning or late evening, as this is when game is most likely to be active. Truglo claims that their bow sights are the brightest fiberoptic sights available today.Their sight pins are extremely bright and excel at daybreak, dusk as well as in any other low light conditions. Truglo has always had the reputation for providing highly visible archery sights and that has always been their top marketing tool, with that being said, they also are built to last as well as provide a variety of different models which gives the archer several options. The TRUGLO Carbon XS 4 Pin Camo bow sight incorporates a small push-button light with Truglo’s extra long fully-protected fibers. Its large sight housing increases visibility as well as the ability to establish correct alignment, due to the level that is positioned at the bottom of the sight housing. Some sights also integrate LED lights to further improve the fiber-optics. The TRUGLO Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro Green Dot sight is a viable choice among the finest compound bow sights because of it’s simplicity as well as long range accuracy. It provides an excellent alternative to a single pin bow sight featuring its slider sight, micro knob windage, elevation adjustment as well as 11 brightness settings. TruGlo’s Carbon Hybrid Micro 5 Light 19 XTR bow sight raises the bar when it comes to lightweight multi-pin sights. This sight is lightweight and manufactured from carbon composite and aluminum which creates less vibration. The ambidextrous design is ideal for either left or right handed archers. The reversible bracket provides a greater vertical adjustment range. A distinctive metal pin for durability, long fibers for optimum brightness and an extra-long bracket which improves sight radius all make this a superior compound bow sight. The combination of carbon composites and aluminum deliver exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and unequalled strength. One of the top sights among treesatand hunters is the TRUGLO Pendulum. Unbelievably quiet it is one of the most advanced archery sights on the market as it automatically compensates up to 35 yards from an elevated position, it can lso be locked in place when shooting from the ground. Truglo bow sights are a great addition to any bow. These sights are high quality and provide multiple models that suit everyone’s budget. So if you are in the market for a new sight, checkout out what Truglo has to offer!