PSE Bow Sights

PSE first opened its doors in 1970 in Mahomet, Illinois. Its founder, Pete Shepley sought to turn his passion for archery into a profession that he loved. His initial efforts focused on accessories, such as release aids, arrow vanes, and much more, including a line of quality PSE bow sights. For an economical option the PSE Gemini features three fiber optic pin sights,an injection molded pin guard, an angled pin track for pin alignment and a phosphorescence¬†ring, offering both beginners as well as avid outdoorsmen the minimum needed at an affordable price. The PSE Amp 2G bow sight offers a bit more for the hunter at only a slight price increase. This PSE bow sight comes with five sight pins encased in a two inch housing for an increased field of view. It also comes with a bubble level and True Blue sight light for precision shooting. The plate mount is extendable up to four inches and can be mounted for both right and left handed shooters. The PSE Amp offers all of the features of the Amp 2G, but adds a Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity camo option as well. It also substitutes the True Blue sight light for the Blue Flame sight light. The PSE Amp Micro offers many options offered by the Amp 2G as well, but there are a few noticeable changes on the archery sight. It comes in satin black. Windage and elevation are micro adjustable. The plate mount is extendable from four inches to four and three/quarter inches. Moving on to the upper end of the price range, PSE starts with the PSE X-Force Hunter sight. This sight has a Black Maxx soft feel finish. The five lightening fire fiber optic tube pins are encased by a one inch, light weight, wire frame housing. The adjustable rheostat sight light and bubble level are also included with this option. The mount is extendable from two inches to three inches and can also be mounted for shooters who are either right or left handed. Finish options include black or PSE Skullworks 2 camo. The PSE X-Force sight has one full capture pin enclosed in a one and three/quarter inch housing for an enlarged field of view. All parts on this PSE bow sight are CNC machined to exact tolerances. This sight also includes the adjustable rheostat sight light and bubble level. The plate is extendable from four and a half inches to five and a half inches and is ambidextrous. This sight also sets itself apart by accepting optional lens kits for 2X, 3X, 4X, or 6X magnification. On the topmost end of PSE bow sights, the company offers the PSE X-Force Drive Max. This sight also comes with the soft coat finish. Four pins are enclosed in a one inch, light weight, wire frame housing. All parts are CNC machined to exact tolerances. A silent bushing system eliminates rattle. Second and third axis adjustments make for impressive long range accuracy. Windage adjustments can be made tool-less and the X-Force speed dial allows for quick distance adjustments. The site also includes a yardage indicator pin and elevation lock to aid in repeatable accuracy. As with the others on PSE’s upper end, the Purple Haze rheostat and bubble level are also included. This archery sight is also ambidextrous and is compatible with the optional lens kits as well as the Archer’s Advantage software. As you can see, PSE offers a sight that fits most shooters’ needs and financial situation.