EZV Bow Sight

An EZV bow sight has been the answer to many archer’s struggles with consistency. Venator Gear is located in Belgrade, Montana. Established with the sole intent of changing the world of compound bow sights, the company’s innovative design is like no other in the archery world. The company is still small and focuses entirely on its flagship product backed by an impressive guarantee and return policy as well as exceptional customer service.
The EZV Sight is a V-shaped bow sight that both ranges distance and aligns aiming point with precision shot placement all at once. It is an ambidextrous sight and its mounting bracket comes in two colors; black and camouflage. The EZV bow sight is a sightless pin, eliminating the risk of pins breaking at a critical moment in the archer’s hunt. The design of the sight insert eliminates the need for range finders while also doing away with human error as it pertains to ranging distance. The EZV sight is ideal for many types of game including: deer, elk, moose, antelope, caribou, bear and turkeys. Five easily interchangeable V inserts are also included with the sight mount. These are tough, weather proof poly-carbonate that are adjusted in five feet per second intervals to match each shooter’s bow trajectory for a mathematically custom fit. Inserts snap in to place and are one thousand times stronger than fiber optic pins. The inserts are also available in neon chartreuse for low light visibility. The EZV bow sight also has a bubble level for precision shooting. All of this comes in at an extremely lightweight 6.9 ounces. The key to this design is the V insert. As its name implies, this archery sight has an open V shape as the sight guide instead of pins. These inserts also have various tick marks on them, allowing the shooter to use them as traditional compound bow sights, although it seems as though that would not be necessary. Aligning the vital area of the target inside of the V should be just fine. This makes the entire shooting process not only easier, but more accurate and dependable. Fourteen different inserts are available, designed for bows with speeds ranging from 245 feet per second to 320 feet per second. The company offers a chart as well as instructional video on this topic as well as on how to adequately sight in the insert. If all this fails and an accidental purchase is made with the wrong size inserts, the company offers a free thirty day exchange on inserts. A sight for crossbows is also in development, but has not yet made it to market. It promises to offer the same benefits as the original EZV archery sight, with a few obvious differences. First, it comes with a universal pica-tinny rail mount. Second, it will include ten inserts instead of five to make up for the fact that crossbows often have much greater feet per second ranges. The unobstructed open sight picture alleviates target panic, and the lack of a scope lens does away with fogging and icing over. Venator Gear goes out of its way to help ease the fears of crossbow shooters that are used to using magnification by explaining the effective ethical ranges of most crossbows and the lack of an actual need or ability to shoot beyond sixty yards. The crossbow sight will also come with a lifetime warranty. Both sights are made and packaged in the USA.