CBE Sights

CBE Archery, located in Clay City, Kentucky, is a dedicated manufacturer of compound bow sights. CBE has a proven track record on the competition archery ranges, CBE has used the innovations it has developed to also create a line of accurate, dependable, and long range capable hunting sights. The Vertex Target is a single pin, dovetail style mount competition sight with pin options of .010, .019, and .029. It comes in both a left and right handed mount setup. The vertical travel adjustment is three inches. Micro click elevation adjustments of .002” are easily managed with both a top and bottom knob. The scope mount is detachable. Dovetail elevation is controlled with a gang adjustment marked with laser etchings. The patented Quad Track stability alignment eliminates nearly all rocking and rattling. A micro adjust windage unit with laser engraved markings and indicator window is also included. The extension bar has multiple locking positions, all of which are laser marked. Both the windage and elevation adjustments also have locking knobs. First and third axis adjustments are center pivot and a second axis scope adjustment is also standard. Color options for this CBE sight are: black, green, titanium, blue, purple, pink, orange, and red.
The Vertex 3D series comes in two formats, the Micro Click and the Rapid Travel. All features of these compound bow sights are the same as the Target series, with a few exceptions. Vertical travel adjustments have been reduced to two inches. The Micro Click offers micro click adjustments on both windage and elevation adjustments. The Rapid Travel offers faster elevations adjustments than the Target. The TEK Target is the economical option within the CBE archery sight family. It comes with CBE’s patented Rapid-Drive elevation system. Dovetail elevation is controlled with a gang adjustment marked with laser etchings. Windage adjustments are micro and marked with laser etchings. Both the windage and elevation can be locked with locking knobs. A custom extension bar comes marked with various locking positions for easy adjustability. The shooter can also opt for an optional third axis attachment. The included scope leveling unit also has locking screws. This sight only comes in an anodized black finish.
The TL-3 is CBE’s first hunting sight. It is an ambidextrous, 3 pin sight (.019 diameter) made of rugged synthetic materials. CBE’s ArmedGuard technology offers increased brightness and protection for pin fibers. The dovetail elevation gang adjustment has laser engraved markings that make for easy visual adjustments. CBE has also re-engineered its Smart Mount positioning holes for added convenience. The Quick Slide windage unit also has laser engraved markings and an indicator window. All bolts are stainless steel to prevent rusting. It comes in an anodized black finish.
The SL-4 offers all of the same features as the TL-3 with the exception that it is a 4 pin sight. It also does not include some of the more precise features of the TL-3. It is not fully micro adjustable and does not feature CBE’s stay tight design features. The TEK Hybrid sight from CBE comes in two forms, the Hybrid and the Hybrid Pro. The main difference between the two sights is that the Hybrid Pro offers third axis leveling while the Hybrid does not. The following features are offered on both types of CBE sights. Pins come in a 1, 3, and 5 pin set in thicknesses of either .010 or .019. Interestingly, the sight heads are interchangeable, making the switch from a single pin sight to a multi pin sight quick and easy. The indicator needle comes to a fine point and is stainless steel. The entire construction of the sight is fully machined aluminum. CBE’s ArmedGuard technology is also featured on this sight. An over-sized, ergonomic 4-point Rapid Drive knob makes for a secure, easy grip. Yardage is fully micro adjustable and offer superfine precision. The entire design utilizes CBE’s stay tight features and tool free adjustments. An enclosed, adjustable rheostat also makes pin visibility better while reducing residual light that can cause game spooking. This archery sight only comes in an anodized black finish.
The Sniper Pro XD is the final offering within the hunting style of CBE sights. It is an ambidextrous 5 pin sight offered in both a .010 and .019 diameter. It is an ultra-light, compact design machined from aluminum that offers nearly all of CBE’s custom features. ArmedGuard technology and third axis block adjustment come standard. A dovetail gang adjustment with laser engraved markers is also featured. The extension bar is 3.5 inches. An enclosed, adjustable rheostat light is also included. All bolts are stainless steel, eliminating rust.C C