Axion Bow Sights

Founded in Alpharetta, Georgia in 2008, Axion Archery has quickly grown into a worldwide company recognized not only for its compound bow sights, but its line of stabilizers, rests, and quivers, all while maintaining reasonably priced, top quality products. While Axion doesn’t offer an extremely large selection of compound bow sights, the selections available should suit the needs of nearly any archer whether they are an avid hunter, a competition shooter or just an average shooter on the range. The Axion Vue is a five pin sight with a selection of either .09 or .19 pin thickness. Construction of this Axion bow sight is solid, CNC machined aluminum, weighing seven and a half ounces. It can also be mounted either left or right handed. The two inch pin housing also includes a Glo Ring for easy target recognition and blue rheostat light. Adjustments for windage and elevation are laser etched. Mounting holes are staggered for added adjustability. A red sight level is also included. Finish options for this archery sight include: black, Lost Camo, Lost XD, Realtree Xtra, and Highlander. The Axion Vue Micro Adjust is an advanced version of the Vue. All features remain the same, but the Micro Adjust offers tool free micro adjustments.The GLX and GLX Micro are the next set of Axion bow sights. Once again, the only difference is that the Micro offers tool free micro adjustments. The following features are standard on both sights. Five easy change pins are encased in a two inch housing with Glo Ring and can be either .09 or .19 in diameter. The sight can be mounted both left and right handed and is of a solid CNC machined aluminum weighing in at around ten ounces. Windage and elevation adjustment markers are laser etched. The mounting holes are staggered, giving the shooter added adjustability. Both Axion bow sights also include a Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer. Color options are a bit more limited, coming in black, Lost Camo, and Lost XD. The Axion Soul Hunter comes in a three and five pin arrangement with a .19 thickness. It is considered the lightest of the Axion bow sight family, weighing only six ounces. Construction is CNC machined T6061 aluminum. A sight level is included as well as an adjustable blue rheostat light. It can be mounted ambidextrously. Windage and elevation adjustments are easy and markers are laser etched. The precision aligned pins are encased in a two inch housing with Glo Ring for easy target acquisition. The Soul Hunter comes in a variety of finishes, including: black, Lost Camo, Lost XD, Muddy Girl, Realtree Xtra, and pink. The Axion Shift is the company’s only adjustable single pin sight. It weighs seven and a half ounces. Pin options are .09 and .19 diameter. The sight also accepts most 1 5/8 inch lenses. Mounting is ambidextrous. Most one piece quivers can also be mounted directly to the sight. Four different pin orientations are available. An adjustable blue rheostat sight light is also included, along with a level. Printed sight tapes also come with the sight. End of travel stops are also included for low light conditions. This archery sight also offers third axis adjustments. The sight ring offers a few interchangeable color options, namely blue, green, red, purple, and pink. Color options for this Axion bow sight include: black, Lost Camo, Lost XD, and Realtree Xtra.