Sure Loc Bow Sights

Sure-Loc Bow sights are a top notch superb beyond belief product. Sure-Loc is based in Superior, Wisconsin and delivers high quality and dependable products to its customers worldwide. The focus of the company is high end, built to last archery sights. The company offers two categories of sights to fit various consumer needs, a target class Sure-Loc bow sight and a hunting class. Within the target class, Sure-Loc offers eleven options, most of which are similar in price and are all backed by the company’s warranty and overall positive reputation. The first set of Sure-Loc bow sights in the target class is the Sure-Loc ONE bow sight. This includes both Sure-Loc ONE 400 and 550 models. Both offer easy 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment. Elevation and windage adjustments can be made at a .002″ per click rate. The full capture mounting block has a quick disconnect for ease of positioning. Both also have a center pivot cant adjustment and precise laser engraved scale. The dovetail extension is feather light and comes in either a six inch or nine inch length. The guide rod is titanium. Both archery sights are light weight, weather proof and have vibration dampening. The difference between the two options is the frame width, which is offered in 400(4″) or 550(5.5″). The Phoenix QA Sure-Loc bow sight is available with a 4″ frame and 6″ extension. Windage offset on this model is reversible. It features an adjustable cant as well as windage, elevation, and 3rd axis adjustments. Also included are an elevation tensioning system, adjustable pointer, and titanium guide rods.    The ICON X series of Sure-Loc bow sights comes in both a 400 (4″) and 550 (5.5″) frame size with a 6″ or 9″ extension. Beyond that, both offer reliable elevation/windage micro adjustments (.002″ increments) as well as micro adjustments for both the cant and 3rd axis (1/10 of a degree). There is also a quick detach scope mount. Windage offset is reversible and the windage/elevation tension is adjustable. A 2nd axis scope leveling system is also included. The Supreme series comes in both the 400 and 550 style with a 6″ or 9″ extension. The components are weatherproofed and feature an innovative No-Lock design as well as Sure-Loc’s patented tracking system. A cam-assist 3 axis leveling block and patented split-block design for easy scope mounting are also part of this pair. Micro adjustments are in precise .002″ increments. The Challenger series comes with nearly the same specifications at a lower cost. It is a bit heavier and does not offer silver as a color option. The Quest X and Contender X 550 offer nearly the same specs as the Supreme series with one major difference. They are not designed for use with a scope and include an 8mm Beiter pin for sighting. The frames are 5.5″ with 9″ extension. Sure-Loc also offers three classes of archery sights specifically for hunting: the Lethal Weapon Red, the Lethal Weapon Red with Retina Lock  and the Lethal Weapon SLDR. The Lethal Weapon Red comes in a 3 pin and 5 pin configuration. Both offer 5 axis micro adjustability as well as gravity drop adjustments and 3rd axis adjustments. Windage offset is reversible and windage/elevation are adjustable. The pins are also adjustable and are enclosed in stainless steel tubes. The sight also has a built in 8mm level and sight light. The mount is quiver compatible and threaded to accept a 42mm lens. The Retina Lock model also comes with these features, in a 5 and 7 pin configuration. It also includes Sure-Loc’s patented retina lock technology which provides instant feedback about things such as torque or change in anchor point. The SLDR features many of the same specs as the original in a 3 and 5 pin setup. It sets itself apart from the original by offering adjustable slider offset and tension as well as a zero stop that offers repeatability. It also has 2 sight tapes with adjustable pointers.
Point blank, Sure-Loc bow sights are held in a class of some of the best archery products ever made and can provide that consistent accurate shot for generations to come.