Apex Bow Sights

Apex Gear is based out of Richardson, Texas. As a dedicated archery retailer, it offers not only a nice selection of sights but also stabilizers and several other accessories. Warranties vary from product to product, but Apex does stand by their compound bow sights with customer service available should the need arise.The Covert Single-Pin is Apex’s first offering. Adjustments are smooth and can be made single handedly. The patented Gravity-Line rotational adjustment system aligns the pin movement with gravity. It also includes 120 pre-marked yardage tapes that are placed in a rear facing orientation for easy adjustments. Second and third axis adjustments are made even easier with an illuminated level. End-of-travel stops have also been dampened. The yardage pointer and micro push button light are also adjustable. Versa-Pin technology is also included, allowing the shooter to change pin color and thickness easily in the field. The Covert Four-Pin offers everything the Covert Single-Pin offers, but is a multi-pin version of the previously mentioned Apex bow sight. The Covert Pro is very similar to the Covert Single-Pin, the major difference between these two archery sights is that it does not have a pin, instead offering an illuminated reticle with a 700 hour battery life. It only includes 60 yardage tapes and does not include Versa-Pin technology. The Atomic Rover, offered by Apex bow sights, is also a single pin sight that comes in .010 and .019 diameter. All adjustments can be made with one hand. A detachable quiver mount is also included. Vertical adjustments make this sight compatible with virtually every bow. The sight offers high visibility levels with a glow in the dark shooter’s ring and yardage tape. The design is very lightweight and CNC machined. Aperture diameter is 1.8 inches internally. A micro push button light is also included. The Accu-Strike comes in two models: the XS and the Pro Select. Both of these Apex bow sights offer several of the same features. Both come with a Tru-Touch soft feel coating. The pin design allows for easy replacement when necessary. Both have a high visibility level. A reversible bracket offers greater vertical adjustability. The overall design is CNC machined and lightweight. The Pro comes in a three and five pin setup while the XS only comes in a five pin setup. The Pro also is entirely tool-less and has an extended bracket as well as a glow in the dark shooter’s ring. If a micro push button light is desired, the shooter can opt for the Bone Collector Accu-Strike, which includes this as well as a four pin design and is a bit less heavy. The Attitude comes in a three and five pin setup. An Opti-Choice pin selector is available on the five pin version, allowing the user to illuminate individual pins on three different brightness levels. This Apex archery sight also includes Gravity-Line rotational technology and an illuminated level. The bracket is reversible. Windage and elevation can be made in either standard or micro intervals, depending on the shooter’s preference. The Bone Collector DDP and Gamechanger are also very similar. Both are tool-less and offer ultra-fine click adjustments for windage and elevation. The fibers are encased in steel. The adjustable level also has two vertical bars. A reversible bracket offers increased vertical adjustability. The aperture offers a large field of view with a two inch inner diameter. The shooter’s ring is glow in the dark and a micro push button light is included. The DDP is a four pin model while the Gamechanger is a five pin. The Gamechanger also allows the shooter to change pin color without changing pins as well as Tru-Zero pin design to minimize pin gaps. The Gamechanger also comes in a standard edition instead of a Bone Collector edition. The Tundra series are a set of three pin compound bow sights. It is a tough composite material that is also lightweight. It is coated in the Tru-Touch coating and includes a high visibility level. A reversible bracket offers increased vertical adjust-ability. The shooter’s ring is glow in the dark and has a 1.8 inch inner diameter.