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Compound Bow Red Dot Scope

Red Dot Scopes Revolutionize Bow Hunting
It’s bow season again friends! Another opportunity to go out and get Mr. Big Buck. I don’t need to tell you this, but you may only get one shot at him this Saturday, or you may get one shot at him this whole year! With odds like that, you want to give it all you’ve got: practice extensively before you get out there and of course, use the best equipment you can afford.

For years the best manufacturers had to offer us was a simple mechanical sight. Now we have the compound bow red dot scope – the latest iteration of the scope for the modern compound bowhunter who wants maximum accuracy.

What is the red dot scope and how does it work?

Simply put, this scope is a sighting system that will visually project a red dot to help you aim right you point. You as the hunter have a role in this too, however – you still have to get the scope sighted in and you must still aim, putting the red dot exactly in the kill zone. It is just that simple and that powerful a concept.

How do you mount it and where on the bow do you mount it?

Red dot scopes attach to the riser like most all other sights. Modern bow manufacturers have prefabricated two holes for you to attach the sight too. If you have a quiver on your bow it is currently mounted using those same two holes so; you will have to first take your quiver off to mount the red dot sight. Then, just reattach your quiver to sight once it is mounted.

The red dot scope can be a challenge to mount, and it is recommended that you let your local archery shop do the mounting and setup for you. You do not want to leave sighting to chance. It is best to get the final calibration for distance accuracy done before you arrive at the hunting site. The sighting is, of course, particular to each bow and the range you expect to shoot.

What is the hardware needed to mount it?

To install this scope, all you need is a set of Allen wrenches are required.

How is the scope powered?

The scope is LED battery-powered and will most likely run for tens of thousands of hours before it has to be replaced.

What are the benefits of a compound bow red dot scope?

Probably the main benefit of the scope is that it improves your overall shooting. Why? Because it adjusts your form to align the red dot where it needs to go.

Does it improve your accuracy?

Yes! It increases accuracy a lot over traditional scopes. That is because with traditional scopes you look with one eye as you sight at your target. With the red dot system, you keep both eyes open. This improves your depth perception and hence your ability to judge distance and shoot accurately.

Red dot sights are made by many manufacturers, but some of the major makers and models are the Pollington Red Dot, the Truglo Red Dot, Red Dot Archery Scopes, and the Oneida Bow Pro-sight Scope.

In Conclusion

Compound bow sights come in a variety of materials and styles. The red dot sight combines the simplicity of simpler standard sights with the accuracy of modern optics.

The red dot scope is to run-of-the-mill compound bow sights what the smartphone is to a flip phone. If you are serious about improving your accuracy and making the most out of your time in the woods, you need to seriously consider a compound bow red dot scope.

Pendulum Bow Sights

Archery is one of the oldest forms of trajectory ranged weapons, next to slings and spears. Unlike it’s companions, archery has continued to evolve over the years and has become a mix of technology, science and precision gear that bears little resemblance to its ancestors. A major area of growth in archery is in the sights that we use to place our arrows on target. This article focuses on a particular sight designed to be used from a tree stand; The Pendulum bow sight. The Pendulum bow sight is designed to compensate for shooting in environments that involve major changes in elevation. Examples of this would be: hunting from a tree stand or shooting up from the bottom of a ravine. The puzzle of elevated shots lie in the science of gravity and angles. A shot with a flat trajectory flies parallel to the earth, and thus, receives a consistent pull from gravitational forces along its entire trajectory. An elevated shot however, receives much less influence from gravity when shooting down, and much higher influence from gravity when shooting up. Changes in elevation also affect the actual distance the arrow flies to hit a target, since we are now dealing with horizontal distance, as well as vertical distance. Hitting a target with altered gravitation pull and distance has required much skill and guess work in the past. Pendulum bow sights compensate for both by the nature of their design and allow elevated shots to be placed, on target, with ease. Pendulum Bow sights accomplish their niche application by self adjusting a single, swiveling pendulum, with the assistance of gravity itself. Thus if you raise the bow on the vertical plane, the sight automatically adjusts, increasing the range of the contact point, compensating for the increase in gravity. When the bow is lowered on the vertical plane, the sight adjusts to decrease the distance to avoid overshot, due to lower gravitational interference. Most archers agree, that within 35 yards, a pendulum bow sight will bulls-eye your target, with no guess work. Due to advancements in archery, most bows shoot relatively flat at 30-40 yards. This has eliminated one of the puzzles that pendulum bow sights were created to solve. Most compound bow sights are, as a result, capable of making accurate shots from elevated positions. The pendulum sight, however, still tackles the elusive elevated distance challenge that others sights neglect. While pendulum sights are less popular than they were back in the 90’s, they are still sought out by archers who intend on making accurate, elevated shots. Pendulum sights, when used on level terrain, are inferior to other compound bow sights that are created for this environment. Pendulum sights can offer a flat trajectory sight by disabling the swiveling mechanism, if you ever find yourself with the need to do so. Most archers prefer to mount the type of sight that aligns with the terrain on which they hunt. According to polls on public forums, the most popular pendulum compound bow sights are manufactured by Keller and TruGlo. Some archers preferring Keller’s sights for their robust build, choice materials and sleek finish. Others, however, prefer TruGlo for the quality of the sights themselves and the benefits that the fiber optics offer in low light situations. The pendulum sight is a valuable asset for archers who are dealing with major changes in elevation. While this sight may not be the best option in every scenario, it offers superior accuracy in a niche market and should be considered, when the environment matches the need.

G5 Bow Sight

G5 Outdoors was established in 2001 by Louis Grace and his two sons to market a premium broadhead. It is located in Memphis, Michigan. Over the last sixteen years it has seen explosive growth, expanding well beyond broadheads to a line of compound bow sights, rests, cams as well as other things both in and out of the archery market. A reputation and drive for innovation and quality has been the hallmark of the company, as well as its predecessor, from day one, truly allowing the company to build a loyal following that recognizes the service the company offers. In 2006 the company released its first line of G5 bow sights, the Optix Series. While many variants have been produced and are still available through secondhand sources on the market, G5 currently only produces one sight, the Optix XR2 as well as two lines of peep sights, the META and META Pro series. The Optix uses a patented Smart Pin 2.0 technology that utilizes a hybrid floating pin and a fixed Smart pin which allows for adjustments without deviating from the centerline of the sight. A harmonic dampener comes as a standard feature on this G5 bow sight. An arrow bumper and integrated sight bubble are also standard, allowing for consistent shots. All components of this archery sight are corrosion resistant. Micro adjustments are available on a 3X scale. The sight also allows for third axis tuning and also has a built in visor. There is an LED rheostat light available for the sight, but it is optional. It is an ambidextrous sight. Finish options are limited to three: Realtree AP, Realtree Xtra, and Lost Camo. Overall weight of the standard sight is six ounces. In the past, G5 has offered a few variants of the XR2. The Optix SE was a three pin design using the Smart Pin technology. The Optix LE offered five smart pins of differing thicknesses. The original XR was a three pin sight with an additional floating pin. And finally, the G5 Optix 3 pin was a three pin sight that did not have any additional floating pins. As previously stated, these G5 archery sights are no longer in production, but are available within aftermarket selling areas. As such, information on these sights is limited to what has been listed. Regardless of this, all of the sights produced by G5 have proven to be reliable, efficient, and economical. The Meta peeps are machined from solid, 7000 series aluminum and are available in three sizes. The 3/16” and ¼’ sizes are available in blue, red, pink, or green. The 5/16” is available in blue. The Meta Pro offers a few advantages over the Meta. Firstly, the interior diameter as well as the string groove are both convex. With the interior diameter this allows the shooter to have a maximized field of view even in low light. Even as the peep begins to tilt the viewing window remains circular, eliminating the problems of looking through an oval that so many other peep sights do not address. With the convex string groove, wear on the string is reduced noticeably. So much so that G5 offers a “no cut guarantee” as long as the peep is installed by a G5 archery sight retailer. It is available in the same sizes as the Meta, but color options change to: black, blue, pink, purple, green, and red.

Black Gold Bow Sights

Black Gold bow sights are headquartered in Belgrade, Montana. Established in 1988, it has grown to be known as one of the premier archery sight makers in the industry. This reputation stemmed from what they call an “iron clad” guarantee for the original owner which has gained the company a loyal fan base that has been built around quality and exceptional customer service. The Ascent Verdict comes in a 1, 3 or 5 pin arrangement in either a 1 ¾” or 2” housing. It has a matte black finish. It features precision first, second and third axis adjustability, all of which can be made smoothly and quietly. Base mount options include a four inch dovetail base or the newly patented X-Frame which offers added durability and reduced weight. The Level Head sight ring makes adjustments easier and more secure while also being able to fit into the top of the sight ring. An indexable indicator needle makes for easy re-sighting should the shooter’s set up change. A splined vertical drive gear increases durability while also providing a more solid and quiet feel. These Black Gold bow sights also feature a high performance PhotoChromatic shell, guaranteed to change colors faster. The angled sight tape can be seen from either the side or back. 54 sight tapes are included, giving the shooter a high level of customization options. It also works well with one-piece quivers and is adaptable with 2X and 4X lens additions. The Revenge family of Black Gold sights comes in both a 5 and 7 pin arrangement with a 1 ¾” and 2” housing respectively. Mount options include a six inch dovetail or the lighter X-Frame option. Finish options are limited to matte black. New click micro adjustments are available for both the second and third axis while the third axis also locks in to prevent movement. The pins also offer micro adjustments through the Inch Wheel system that also includes floating pin bushings for smooth fine tuning. The Level Head sight ring is also included. Adaptability for 2X and 4X lenses is also standard. PhotoChromatic shell technology is also standard on this archery sight, as well as in interchangeable fluorescent guard ring. The Backdraft series of Black Gold sights is very similar to the Revenge with a few exceptions. It only comes with a 1 ¾” housing. It also features gang horizontal and vertical calibrated adjustments. Overall, it also weighs over two ounces less than the Revenge. Other features remain the same. The Ascent Target is designed to accept all 10/32 scope housings. It is lightweight, at only 7.7 ounces, and features a six inch dovetail bar with a positive locating design. Full first, second, and third axis adjustability is available. The third axis also locks down to prevent movement while tightening screws. A splined vertical drive gear increases durability while offering a more solid feel. The yardage scale is rear facing and includes 54 sight tapes. A nylon setscrew in the locking knob offers security while also preventing marring on the dovetail bar. A quick detach knob is also included. The sight offers a large 2.25” travel distance that is easily and precisely navigated using the SpeedDial system. The Widow Maker comes in a 4 or 5 pin arrangement encased in a 2” housing. It is mounted using the lightweight X-Frame base. The standard sight ring guard is a 2” BigDog available in the shooter’s choice of seven different colors. The SkyCoil light gathering system in enclosed in a high performance PhotoChromatic shell. A Level Head sight ring offers easy and secure adjustments. The sight is also adaptable to fit the 2” lens kit. The Rush offers many of the same features as the Widow Maker with a few differences. First, it comes in a 3, 4, 5, and 7 pin. The BigDog sight ring is optional with this sight. It also is adaptable with the 1 ¾” as well as the 2” lens kit. The Rush is also the only sight that comes in a finish that is not matte black, anodized camo. Simply put, Black Gold offers some of the best compound bow sights available today for the active archery enthusiast.

Sword Bow Sights

Sword Sights began as a family owned business and was run out of Danny and Sue Sword’s home in Jackson, Kentucky. As it continued to grow it was renamed Sword Acu-Site Inc. until it was purchased at the end of 2009 and moved to Northwestern Ohio. At this time it was renamed Sword Sights LLC. To this day, the company focuses on offering a vast array of compound bow sights catering to all archery needs, from the most competitive target shooting to the field. The Judge is a single vertical pin sight available in both .010 and .019. A 1.5” inside diameter round aperture also accepts a lens and retainer ring that are sold separately. This Sword bow sight is solid, machined aluminum and also features Sword’s Fast Track elevation technology. Windage and elevation scales are laser etched, micro adjustable, and tool-less. Third axis adjustments are also possible. A rheostat light kit is also included. The high and low light mounting system has a built in offset to extend the sight window. A yardage tape is also on a 45 degree angle towards the shooter. This bow sight comes in a matte black finish and is ambidextrous. It mounts with a fixed mounting plate. The Judge Pro comes in the standard set up and the 2.0 with the only differences being the diameter of the aperture and the mounting system. The Pro has a 1.5” diameter while the Pro 2.0 has a 2” diameter aperture. A dovetail mounting system comes on the 2.0 while the original is on a fixed mounting plate. All other features remain the same. These Sword bow sights are solid aluminum construction and feature Fast Track elevation technology. These sights are also single up-pin designs in a .010 and .019 diameter. Windage and elevation scales are laser etched, micro adjustable, and tool-less. Third axis adjustments are also possible. A rheostat light kit is also included. The high and low light mounting system has a built in offset to extend the sight window. A yardage tape is also on a 45 degree angle towards the shooter. These archery sights come in a matte black finish and are ambidextrous. The Jury comes in four designs the Jury 1.5, the Jury 2.0, the Jury Pro 1.5, and the Jury Pro 2.0. The differences are minimal and center around the aperture diameter as listed in the name of the sight. The other difference is the Pro 1.5 and 2.0 are on a dovetail mounting system while the other two are on a fixed mounting plate. These Sword bow sights are 5 pin designs available in .010, .019, or .029. The sights are 100% aluminum and feature Fast Track elevation technology. Windage and elevation scales are laser etched, micro adjustable, and tool-less. Third axis adjustments are also available. A rheostat kit is also included. The high and low light mounting system has a built in offset. A yardage tape is also on a 45 degree angle towards the shooter. These bow sights come in a matte black finish and are ambidextrous. The Maximus and Maximus Pro are the next series of sights and are the same with the exception of the mounting system. The Maximus uses a fixed plate while the Pro uses a dovetail bar. These archery sights are solid aluminum and are 5 pin set ups offered in .010, .019, and .029 in a 1.625” inside diameter aperture that accepts 1.75” lenses. Windage and elevation scales are laser etched, micro adjustable and tool-less. Third axis adjustments are also available. A rheostat kit is also included. The high and low light mounting system has a built in offset. They are ambidextrous and come in a matte black finish. The Titan and Titan II are most suited for competition shooting. The only difference is the Titan II offers a super micro windage bar while the Titan does not. Both offer a 1.5” Cyclops dual rod scope and solid steel up-pin in .010 or .019 thickness. A rheostat light kit is also included. The aperture will also accept a 1.75” lens and includes a lens retainer. Micro adjust elevation is available in either a 2” or 3.5” length of travel. Windage is also micro adjustable. Third axis adjustments are available. These compound bow sights come on a dovetail bar mounting system. Preprinted yardage tapes and a hard carrying case are also included. They are also ambidextrous. The Trident comes in a Competition design and a Hunter design, with the difference being that the Competition uses a single up-pin while the Hunter is a 5 pin set up. Both feature a 1.5” aperture that accepts a 1.75” diameter lens and includes a lens retainer. Micro adjust elevation is available in either a 2” or 3.5” length of travel. A rheostat light kit is included. Windage is gang adjustable. Third axis adjustments are possible. The sight is ambidextrous and is mounted using a dovetail system. Both versions include a hard carrying case and preprinted yardage tapes. The Centurion comes in three versions, the Centurion, the Centurion Hunter 1.5 and the Centurion Hunter 2.0. The Centurion is a single up-pin while the Hunter versions are 5 pin sights with two different aperture diameters. All other features are the same and include a rheostat light kit. Approximately 2” of elevation travel is possible. Third axis adjustments are available. Preprinted yardage tapes are included. All versions are ambidextrous and come in a matte black finish. The Apex 3rd Plane comes in two different aperture diameters, a 2” and a 1.5”. Both are 5 pin set ups. Windage and elevation scales are laser etched, micro adjustable, and tool-less. Third axis adjustments are also available. A rheostat kit is also included. The high and low light mounting system has a built in offset. The sights are on a dovetail bar mounting system and are ambidextrous. Finish is matte black. The Twilight Hunter comes in both a 1.5” and 2.0” aperture design. The features mirror that of the Apex 3rd plane, but the overall construction of the sight enables it to be up to three ounces lighter. They are also on a fixed mounting plate instead of a dovetail bar. A camo version of this archery sight is also offered in a right hand only set up with a 1.5” aperture. The Apex Hunter is a 4 pin sight available in .010, .019, and .029 diameter. It features a 2” internal diameter aperture with a high and low sight mounting bar with built in offset. Windage and elevation scales are laser etched. This Sword bow sight is compatible with the company’s new LED light. It is ambidextrous and has a matte black finish. The Sabre is a 3 pin sight available in .010, .019, and .029 diameter housed in a 2” aperture. Windage and elevation scales are laser etched. A high and low sight mounting bar with built in offset for an extended sight window is also included. It is also ambidextrous and compatible with the new Sword LED light. Finishes include matte black, Realtree AP and Muddy Girl.

EZV Bow Sight

An EZV bow sight has been the answer to many archer’s struggles with consistency. Venator Gear is located in Belgrade, Montana. Established with the sole intent of changing the world of compound bow sights, the company’s innovative design is like no other in the archery world. The company is still small and focuses entirely on its flagship product backed by an impressive guarantee and return policy as well as exceptional customer service.
The EZV Sight is a V-shaped bow sight that both ranges distance and aligns aiming point with precision shot placement all at once. It is an ambidextrous sight and its mounting bracket comes in two colors; black and camouflage. The EZV bow sight is a sightless pin, eliminating the risk of pins breaking at a critical moment in the archer’s hunt. The design of the sight insert eliminates the need for range finders while also doing away with human error as it pertains to ranging distance. The EZV sight is ideal for many types of game including: deer, elk, moose, antelope, caribou, bear and turkeys. Five easily interchangeable V inserts are also included with the sight mount. These are tough, weather proof poly-carbonate that are adjusted in five feet per second intervals to match each shooter’s bow trajectory for a mathematically custom fit. Inserts snap in to place and are one thousand times stronger than fiber optic pins. The inserts are also available in neon chartreuse for low light visibility. The EZV bow sight also has a bubble level for precision shooting. All of this comes in at an extremely lightweight 6.9 ounces. The key to this design is the V insert. As its name implies, this archery sight has an open V shape as the sight guide instead of pins. These inserts also have various tick marks on them, allowing the shooter to use them as traditional compound bow sights, although it seems as though that would not be necessary. Aligning the vital area of the target inside of the V should be just fine. This makes the entire shooting process not only easier, but more accurate and dependable. Fourteen different inserts are available, designed for bows with speeds ranging from 245 feet per second to 320 feet per second. The company offers a chart as well as instructional video on this topic as well as on how to adequately sight in the insert. If all this fails and an accidental purchase is made with the wrong size inserts, the company offers a free thirty day exchange on inserts. A sight for crossbows is also in development, but has not yet made it to market. It promises to offer the same benefits as the original EZV archery sight, with a few obvious differences. First, it comes with a universal pica-tinny rail mount. Second, it will include ten inserts instead of five to make up for the fact that crossbows often have much greater feet per second ranges. The unobstructed open sight picture alleviates target panic, and the lack of a scope lens does away with fogging and icing over. Venator Gear goes out of its way to help ease the fears of crossbow shooters that are used to using magnification by explaining the effective ethical ranges of most crossbows and the lack of an actual need or ability to shoot beyond sixty yards. The crossbow sight will also come with a lifetime warranty. Both sights are made and packaged in the USA.

CBE Sights

CBE Archery, located in Clay City, Kentucky, is a dedicated manufacturer of compound bow sights. CBE has a proven track record on the competition archery ranges, CBE has used the innovations it has developed to also create a line of accurate, dependable, and long range capable hunting sights. The Vertex Target is a single pin, dovetail style mount competition sight with pin options of .010, .019, and .029. It comes in both a left and right handed mount setup. The vertical travel adjustment is three inches. Micro click elevation adjustments of .002” are easily managed with both a top and bottom knob. The scope mount is detachable. Dovetail elevation is controlled with a gang adjustment marked with laser etchings. The patented Quad Track stability alignment eliminates nearly all rocking and rattling. A micro adjust windage unit with laser engraved markings and indicator window is also included. The extension bar has multiple locking positions, all of which are laser marked. Both the windage and elevation adjustments also have locking knobs. First and third axis adjustments are center pivot and a second axis scope adjustment is also standard. Color options for this CBE sight are: black, green, titanium, blue, purple, pink, orange, and red.
The Vertex 3D series comes in two formats, the Micro Click and the Rapid Travel. All features of these compound bow sights are the same as the Target series, with a few exceptions. Vertical travel adjustments have been reduced to two inches. The Micro Click offers micro click adjustments on both windage and elevation adjustments. The Rapid Travel offers faster elevations adjustments than the Target. The TEK Target is the economical option within the CBE archery sight family. It comes with CBE’s patented Rapid-Drive elevation system. Dovetail elevation is controlled with a gang adjustment marked with laser etchings. Windage adjustments are micro and marked with laser etchings. Both the windage and elevation can be locked with locking knobs. A custom extension bar comes marked with various locking positions for easy adjustability. The shooter can also opt for an optional third axis attachment. The included scope leveling unit also has locking screws. This sight only comes in an anodized black finish.
The TL-3 is CBE’s first hunting sight. It is an ambidextrous, 3 pin sight (.019 diameter) made of rugged synthetic materials. CBE’s ArmedGuard technology offers increased brightness and protection for pin fibers. The dovetail elevation gang adjustment has laser engraved markings that make for easy visual adjustments. CBE has also re-engineered its Smart Mount positioning holes for added convenience. The Quick Slide windage unit also has laser engraved markings and an indicator window. All bolts are stainless steel to prevent rusting. It comes in an anodized black finish.
The SL-4 offers all of the same features as the TL-3 with the exception that it is a 4 pin sight. It also does not include some of the more precise features of the TL-3. It is not fully micro adjustable and does not feature CBE’s stay tight design features. The TEK Hybrid sight from CBE comes in two forms, the Hybrid and the Hybrid Pro. The main difference between the two sights is that the Hybrid Pro offers third axis leveling while the Hybrid does not. The following features are offered on both types of CBE sights. Pins come in a 1, 3, and 5 pin set in thicknesses of either .010 or .019. Interestingly, the sight heads are interchangeable, making the switch from a single pin sight to a multi pin sight quick and easy. The indicator needle comes to a fine point and is stainless steel. The entire construction of the sight is fully machined aluminum. CBE’s ArmedGuard technology is also featured on this sight. An over-sized, ergonomic 4-point Rapid Drive knob makes for a secure, easy grip. Yardage is fully micro adjustable and offer superfine precision. The entire design utilizes CBE’s stay tight features and tool free adjustments. An enclosed, adjustable rheostat also makes pin visibility better while reducing residual light that can cause game spooking. This archery sight only comes in an anodized black finish.
The Sniper Pro XD is the final offering within the hunting style of CBE sights. It is an ambidextrous 5 pin sight offered in both a .010 and .019 diameter. It is an ultra-light, compact design machined from aluminum that offers nearly all of CBE’s custom features. ArmedGuard technology and third axis block adjustment come standard. A dovetail gang adjustment with laser engraved markers is also featured. The extension bar is 3.5 inches. An enclosed, adjustable rheostat light is also included. All bolts are stainless steel, eliminating rust.C C

Axion Bow Sights

Founded in Alpharetta, Georgia in 2008, Axion Archery has quickly grown into a worldwide company recognized not only for its compound bow sights, but its line of stabilizers, rests, and quivers, all while maintaining reasonably priced, top quality products. While Axion doesn’t offer an extremely large selection of compound bow sights, the selections available should suit the needs of nearly any archer whether they are an avid hunter, a competition shooter or just an average shooter on the range. The Axion Vue is a five pin sight with a selection of either .09 or .19 pin thickness. Construction of this Axion bow sight is solid, CNC machined aluminum, weighing seven and a half ounces. It can also be mounted either left or right handed. The two inch pin housing also includes a Glo Ring for easy target recognition and blue rheostat light. Adjustments for windage and elevation are laser etched. Mounting holes are staggered for added adjustability. A red sight level is also included. Finish options for this archery sight include: black, Lost Camo, Lost XD, Realtree Xtra, and Highlander. The Axion Vue Micro Adjust is an advanced version of the Vue. All features remain the same, but the Micro Adjust offers tool free micro adjustments.The GLX and GLX Micro are the next set of Axion bow sights. Once again, the only difference is that the Micro offers tool free micro adjustments. The following features are standard on both sights. Five easy change pins are encased in a two inch housing with Glo Ring and can be either .09 or .19 in diameter. The sight can be mounted both left and right handed and is of a solid CNC machined aluminum weighing in at around ten ounces. Windage and elevation adjustment markers are laser etched. The mounting holes are staggered, giving the shooter added adjustability. Both Axion bow sights also include a Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer. Color options are a bit more limited, coming in black, Lost Camo, and Lost XD. The Axion Soul Hunter comes in a three and five pin arrangement with a .19 thickness. It is considered the lightest of the Axion bow sight family, weighing only six ounces. Construction is CNC machined T6061 aluminum. A sight level is included as well as an adjustable blue rheostat light. It can be mounted ambidextrously. Windage and elevation adjustments are easy and markers are laser etched. The precision aligned pins are encased in a two inch housing with Glo Ring for easy target acquisition. The Soul Hunter comes in a variety of finishes, including: black, Lost Camo, Lost XD, Muddy Girl, Realtree Xtra, and pink. The Axion Shift is the company’s only adjustable single pin sight. It weighs seven and a half ounces. Pin options are .09 and .19 diameter. The sight also accepts most 1 5/8 inch lenses. Mounting is ambidextrous. Most one piece quivers can also be mounted directly to the sight. Four different pin orientations are available. An adjustable blue rheostat sight light is also included, along with a level. Printed sight tapes also come with the sight. End of travel stops are also included for low light conditions. This archery sight also offers third axis adjustments. The sight ring offers a few interchangeable color options, namely blue, green, red, purple, and pink. Color options for this Axion bow sight include: black, Lost Camo, Lost XD, and Realtree Xtra.

Apex Bow Sights

Apex Gear is based out of Richardson, Texas. As a dedicated archery retailer, it offers not only a nice selection of sights but also stabilizers and several other accessories. Warranties vary from product to product, but Apex does stand by their compound bow sights with customer service available should the need arise.The Covert Single-Pin is Apex’s first offering. Adjustments are smooth and can be made single handedly. The patented Gravity-Line rotational adjustment system aligns the pin movement with gravity. It also includes 120 pre-marked yardage tapes that are placed in a rear facing orientation for easy adjustments. Second and third axis adjustments are made even easier with an illuminated level. End-of-travel stops have also been dampened. The yardage pointer and micro push button light are also adjustable. Versa-Pin technology is also included, allowing the shooter to change pin color and thickness easily in the field. The Covert Four-Pin offers everything the Covert Single-Pin offers, but is a multi-pin version of the previously mentioned Apex bow sight. The Covert Pro is very similar to the Covert Single-Pin, the major difference between these two archery sights is that it does not have a pin, instead offering an illuminated reticle with a 700 hour battery life. It only includes 60 yardage tapes and does not include Versa-Pin technology. The Atomic Rover, offered by Apex bow sights, is also a single pin sight that comes in .010 and .019 diameter. All adjustments can be made with one hand. A detachable quiver mount is also included. Vertical adjustments make this sight compatible with virtually every bow. The sight offers high visibility levels with a glow in the dark shooter’s ring and yardage tape. The design is very lightweight and CNC machined. Aperture diameter is 1.8 inches internally. A micro push button light is also included. The Accu-Strike comes in two models: the XS and the Pro Select. Both of these Apex bow sights offer several of the same features. Both come with a Tru-Touch soft feel coating. The pin design allows for easy replacement when necessary. Both have a high visibility level. A reversible bracket offers greater vertical adjustability. The overall design is CNC machined and lightweight. The Pro comes in a three and five pin setup while the XS only comes in a five pin setup. The Pro also is entirely tool-less and has an extended bracket as well as a glow in the dark shooter’s ring. If a micro push button light is desired, the shooter can opt for the Bone Collector Accu-Strike, which includes this as well as a four pin design and is a bit less heavy. The Attitude comes in a three and five pin setup. An Opti-Choice pin selector is available on the five pin version, allowing the user to illuminate individual pins on three different brightness levels. This Apex archery sight also includes Gravity-Line rotational technology and an illuminated level. The bracket is reversible. Windage and elevation can be made in either standard or micro intervals, depending on the shooter’s preference. The Bone Collector DDP and Gamechanger are also very similar. Both are tool-less and offer ultra-fine click adjustments for windage and elevation. The fibers are encased in steel. The adjustable level also has two vertical bars. A reversible bracket offers increased vertical adjustability. The aperture offers a large field of view with a two inch inner diameter. The shooter’s ring is glow in the dark and a micro push button light is included. The DDP is a four pin model while the Gamechanger is a five pin. The Gamechanger also allows the shooter to change pin color without changing pins as well as Tru-Zero pin design to minimize pin gaps. The Gamechanger also comes in a standard edition instead of a Bone Collector edition. The Tundra series are a set of three pin compound bow sights. It is a tough composite material that is also lightweight. It is coated in the Tru-Touch coating and includes a high visibility level. A reversible bracket offers increased vertical adjust-ability. The shooter’s ring is glow in the dark and has a 1.8 inch inner diameter.

Trijicon Bow Sight

 The Trijicon bow sight has far exceeded the industry’s expectations by offering some of the most advanced features among superior products in the archery world. Trijicon was founded in 1981 by Glyn Bindon and has become a world leader in optics. Their most notable accomplishments include work with both tritium and advanced fiber optics. The company is headquartered in Wixom, Michigan and holds the main contract for the United States military in sight distribution. The company also boasts a Made in America guarantee that says the majority of their products, including all of their sights, are designed, engineered and machined at the facility in Michigan. The main focus of the company is rifle and pistol sights, but they do offer a selection of Trijicon bow sights and mount options as well. The Trijicon AccuDial is not a full archery sight, but is a mount offered in both right and left-handed configurations. It comes in a matte black finish and weighs eight ounces. The solid, aircraft grade aluminum makes the mount operable in extreme temperatures varying from -31°F to 176°F. Long term usability is also not of concern as this mount has been tested up to 200 G’s of force. Bow speed adjustments can be made from speeds of 245 to 335 feet per second. Target range adjustments are made in one yard increments at distances measured up to 80 yards. The patented BowSync Technology has a variable transmission enabling exact range adjustment and synchronization of any bow/speed combination. Adjustment dial marks are laser etched to add accuracy and dependability to the mount. The Trijicon bow sight mount accepts the Trijicon AccuPin, side mounted apertures and scopes using #10-32 studs or sights with Weaver or Picatinny bases if a rail adapter is purchased. The Trijicon AccuPin comes in two mount setups, the dovetail and rail grabber (for Weaver and Picatinny rails). The remaining specifications remain the same between the two models. This Trijicon bow sight weighs 2.29 ounces and comes in a matte black finish. Construction is also of aircraft grade aluminum coated in a weather resistant anodized coating. Functional temperatures range from -51°F to 176°F. It is a single pin archery sight using both fiber optics and tritium as an illumination source with a green, triangular reticle pattern all placed in a two inch housing with a 1.77 inch sight window. Trijicon claims that the single pin offers improved visibility, pointing directly at the target instead of obscuring it with other pins. Shock testing has been done on this family of compound bow sights and have shown functionality up to 350 G’s. The dovetail mount version fits on the AccuDial, but can also be mounted on many other sight mounts available. This bow sight also boasts being the brightest on the market and being Pope and Young legal. Trijicon also offers an AccuPin/AccuDial combo package in both a left and right handed setup. Total weight for the package is 10.29 ounces. As before, the sight itself is a single pin with a triangular reticle pattern and tritium/fiber optic illumination source. The entire product has an anodized, matte black, coating that protects against corrosion and outside elements. Adjustments can be made in one yard increments up to a tested 80 yards. Trijicon also offers an ACOG style scope that does not fit into the category of compound bow sights, but is worth noting. All of the company’s products are tested tough and as such all Trijicon archery sights come with a lifetime guarantee.