Best Bow Sight

So, who makes the best bow sight? While most companies are quick to make that claim on their own product, the truth of the matter is that there are several companies who produce high quality compound bow sights. Trophy Ridge, Truglo, HHA, PSE, Cobra, Copper John, Spot Hogg and Sure-Loc are all considered to be among some of  the most reputable companies in the bow sight world and are generally regarded as probably the most well-liked by archers worldwide. These companies are well-known to supply consistent, accurate and straightforward tuning with their bow sights. It is hard for me to give you a specific model as to be the best bow sight because it really boils down to personal preference as well as what exact activity you will be involved with while shooting your bow.  There are more complicated models which will take the wind speed along with the curve into account. Bow sights are an important addition for archery, letting archers shoot more precisely at greater distances. Obtainable in several configurations together with various advanced features, bow sights are equipped for any style and situation of shooting. Compound Bow sights vary from advanced target sights for competition shoots to pendulum sights for hunting from treestands. Choosing the proper sight to suit your needs is not always simple. However, along with some awareness of the several kinds of sights, archers will discover the sight that’s well suited for their shooting needs. Bow sights are devices that mount around the bows riser to help you aim your arrow and they function very much the same as a gun sight and therefore are an easy tool to inform you where your arrow is heading. A properly configured bow sight will greatly increase your precision and even though you can shoot without them, it’s difficult, especially at longer ranges. Fixed pin bow sights are adjustable which allow you to fine tune your bow so the arrows will connect consistently at the yardage you set for the pins. One that’s considered to be one of the finest bow sights in the archery world may be the HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500. This bow sight eliminates the irritation of making complicated adjustments in the field by offering the opportunity to align effortlessly using the target. All you need to do is just dial the precise yardage without resorting to any tools to create exact adjustments to make that perfect shot. Trophy Ridge makes 1 Pin Sights and utilize what they refer to as their “smart pin” technology in an effort to increase precision. The tool-free system is spectacular and  offers refined precision for lengthy distance shooting . The sight is made of 100% aluminum and includes a positive stop in the 20 yard mark in an effort to make the most of fast target acquisition while in the field. It has multiple mounting holes in an effort to increase versatility, yardage stickers between 20 and 100 yards, sight level and rheostat light. Pendulum sights accommodate treestand shooters as they are able to compensate for elevation when shooting downward. Competition sights are bigger and therefore are better than standard sights, however they are not practical as they are bulky to make use of when hunting. TRUGLO has been in the game for years and love to brag on their “Zero-In Adjustment Dial” technology which will provide pinpoint precision and an ultra-smooth dial for elevation and windage turning, thanks to their Micro Adjust feature. Archery is a very popular sport and is gaining new followers every single day. If you are in search of the best bow sight, then you must understand your best bow needs because the fact of the matter is, there are many reputable companies that produce high quality compound bow sights, you just have to discover which one is the best fit for you.