Axcel Bow Sights

Axcel bow sights are manufactured in Madison Heights, Virginia. They proudly boasts a repertoire of archery products used by Olympians and professional hunters alike. Established in 1995, the company has remained an owned and operated in the U.S.A. facility. The Achieve RX/RXL bow sight is designed for use with recurve bows. All knobs on these models are now equipped with new and improved adjustment knobs for extra grip. The old, twin-dowel guide system has been replaced with a new windage dovetail guide system. The RX comes with a non-locking variable tension system while the RXL Axcel bow sight comes equipped with a locking variable tension system. 4.375 inches of elevation adjustment is available on both models. This sight’s bar comes in a variety of colors, most notably black, silver, and carbon.The Achieve CX/CXL bow sight is the compound bow version of the previously mentioned sight. As such, many of the features remain the same with a few exceptions. Elevation adjustment is limited to 2.875 inches with this Axcel bow sight. There is also the option to equip either a 6 inch or 9 inch Matthews Harmonic Dampener. Bar color options remain the same, but bar length can be either 6 inches or 9 inches. Both of these Axcel bow sights have an optional upgrade called the Achieve Carbon. This is a carbon bar upgrade that has improved adjustment knobs for added grip. Machined cut outs offer less wind deflection as well as an eye-catching carbon woven appearance. Enhanced material stiffness offers increased vibration absorption and a high strength-to-weight ratio. The AX Series archery sight comes in three configurations: the 2000 (with a 2-inch elevation adjustment), 3000 (3-inch elevation adjustment), and the 4500 (4.5-inch elevation adjustment). The extension bar can be either 6 inches or 9 inches. The block is removable, making for quick changes. All rods are heavy duty stainless steel. Rapid travel adjustments on this sight have been compared to hydraulic style movement. An auto gib tensioning system is also featured on these models as well as the Matthews Harmonic Dampener.The AccuHunter is the first hunting sight offered by Axcel. Its solid mounting bracket and elevation bar add increased dependability for long term use. Elevation and windage adjustments all have individual lock. There is also an adjustable 20 yard dead stop. All accents on the sight are green. Also included is the AV Hunter Scope, specifically designed for this Axcel bow sight. The new Firepin combined with a proprietary fiber wrapping technique has created one of the brightest fiber optic pins available. It has a 1 ¾ inch housing that accepts all of Axcel’s scope accessories. The AccuHunter Pro offers all of these features with an enhanced scope that also includes a crosshair insert, rheostat cover, and torque ring indicator.The AccuTouch and AccuTouch Pro have one major difference, in that the Pro includes a 6 inch carbon dovetail system. It is a single, sliding pin archery sight that takes advantage of Axcel’s AccuClick yardage adjustment system which is fast, easy, and tool-less. The Matthews Harmonic Dampener is included with both versions of the sight. First, second, and third axis adjustments can also be made incrementally with no fear of running any part off the mount. Elevation adjustments can also be controlled with a tension lever. Windage adjustments can be locked into place. Four scope options are available for this sight: the AccuStat 3, the AccuStat 5, the AccuView, and the AccuView Plus.The Armortech and Armortech Pro are the same, with the exception that the Pro includes the Matthews Harmonic Dampener while the Armortech does not. Axcel uses its Armor Fiber Technology (A.F.T.) on the pins in this sight, which include a 4, 5, or 7 pin setup in .010”, .019”, or .029” thickness. These pins also feature a pivot lock and can be adjusted individually or all at once. The second and third axis can be adjusted. Axcel’s True Center Vision (T.C.V.) scope design is also used with these sights. All sights in this series accept 1 ¾ inch or 43 millimeter lenses. It is also compatible with the high-speed upgrade option. A similar sight within the series, the Vision and Vision Pro, offers all of these features but increases the housing size to 2 inches.The high speed optional upgrade offers thin pins to reduce target obstruction and obtain closer yardage intervals. If you select a .010” or .019” diameter with 5 pins or less, the system touts bow speeds up to 450 feet per second. Six or more pins offer 400 feet per second. As you can see, the superb quality and various options available, raise the bar in the archery world with the top grade Axcel bow sights.

IQ Bow Sight

The IQ Bow sight company is based in Superior, Wisconsin. With a dedicated team, they have built a reputation for increasing archer accuracy and consistency by at least twenty yards, and base part of their guarantee on this claim. IQ’s archery lineup all come with Retina Lock Technology as a standard part of the package, while also offering some different options for various needs.
The IQ Micro bow sight comes in a 3, 5, or 7 pin setup. These fiber optic, stack tight pins are .019 inches in diameter. Windage and elevation are easily adjusted with the bow sight’s micro adjustment knobs. The IQ bow sight has a built-in sight level and is also compatible with the Sight Light which is sold separately. Second axis adjustments are also available with tool-free locking knobs. The overall weight is 7.4 ounces.
The IQ Pro Hunter bow sight has two fixed pins and one move-able pin, all of which are .019 inches in diameter and fully captured. Two sight tapes are also present, offering visibility both from the shooter’s perspective as well as from the side. Micro adjustments can be made for both windage and elevation. A zero stop is also included for the move-able pin. This IQ bow sight is compatible with both the Sight Light and Pro One Lens. It weighs 9.5 ounces without these accessories.
The IQ Pro XT comes in either a 5 pin or 7 pin setup. These fiber optic, stack tight pins are .019 inches in diameter. This archery sight is mounted to a six-inch extension bar. Windage, elevation, and second axis adjustments are all easily made with micro adjustment knobs. A sight level is also built in to this sight. The locking knobs are tool free. The Pro XT is also compatible with the Sight Light, but weighs 10.1 ounces without it.
The IQ Pro One bow sight has a fully captured single, movable pin that also has an adjustable zero stop for added consistency. Two sight tapes are present, visible both from the shooter’s perspective as well as the side. Micro adjustments can be made for both windage and elevation. This sight is compatible with both the Sight Light and the Pro One Lens.
The Ultra Lite comes in both a 3 and 5 pin setup. These stack tight pins are .019 inches in diameter. A built-in sight level makes for accurate and easy adjustments. The fiber polymer construction and silent coat finish make this sight the lightest offered by IQ, at only 5.6 ounces. The Ultra Lite is compatible with the Sight Light.
The IQ Sight Light is not a bow sight, but could be an important accessory for the avid archer on many models of IQ bow sights. It is an adjustable rheostat light that helps reduce pin glare at both dawn and dusk. It only comes in purple and fits sizes: : 1/4-28, 3/8-32, 3/8-36, and 7/16-20. It works on both left and right-handed sights, which is good since all of IQ’s sights are offered in both these options. The IQ Pro One Lens is also not a sight, but another useful accessory. It is a 2x magnification lens that fits on the IQ Pro One and Pro Hunter. It is constructed out of an optical grade polymer that is both abrasion and scratch resistant.
IQ bow sights have helped bow hunters and competition shooters all around the globe. The quality of the archery products they provide and the results you get are well worth their weight in gold when it comes to crunch time.